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  • Date Updated: 06/01/2019

Role-playing games always make a big impression on players. The Last Slain: Inherits the Legends will bring you fierce battlefields. This game not only has regular role-playing elements but also is combined with an attractive strategy element. You will become a commander; you lead your team to fight on many different lands. This impressive role-playing game is currently released by RockberryGames; you can use the link at the bottom of the article to set up the game on your device.

the last slain inherits the legends 1

Story and character

The Last Slain: Inherits the Legends for iOS gives you three characters with three different stories, each with a unique purpose. The characters fight and wander to different lands to fulfill their goals. But fate has decided they must unite together to destroy an immortal Dragon to save the world.

the last slain inherits the legends 2

The first character is Mark, the last warrior of Slain tribe is on his way to seek revenge. He is searching for Tyrant Gulamir, who brutally murdered members of Slain tribe. Next is the priest Leon, who is tasked with searching for the prophet chosen by Primir The Ultimate. Leon wanders to many different lands, goes to many continents to find and complete his mission. Finally, Scarlet, a mercenary with a mission to fight for the person who paid the most money for her. But her only goal is to find her missing friend Kaine.

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Combat system

You will have to control and take the three characters of the game to participate in various battles to save the world. You will be taken to multiple locations and complex terrain to fight many evil monsters. Each character possesses his fighting skills with impressive powers. You will have to use these skills reasonably to make the most of your power and destroy monsters. The skills will need recovery time after use, so you need a wise strategy to use. With a wise strategy, you will be able to use many skills at the same time and inflict great damage to the enemy.

The Last Slain Inherits the Legends for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The system of impressive skills

Besides fierce fighting stages, players will be involved in the upgrade system and unlock combat skills. The characters are all designed with a variety of skill systems, new skills will be unlocked when meeting the requirements of the game. Participate in fighting and level up characters to upgrade many impressive fighting skills. You will be free to choose and use many combat skills. The upgraded skills will bring great damage to enemies, but you should still unlock and use higher skills. Attention, unlock and upgrade your fighting skills wisely to maximize the power of the character.

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Many unique activities

The Last Slain: Inherits the Legends APK Mod is prepared with many crazy and addictive challenges. You will participate in many unique adventures along with many impressive treasure maps. Explore mazes and catacombs to find high-value rewards. Destroy monsters on many different lands and explore new lands. Equip and upgrade weapons to help characters have better fighting ability. Join many exciting activities to earn outstanding achievements like Abyss of Nox or The Great Elemental.


The Last Slain: Inherits the Legends is an impressive combination of two elements, immersive and strategic. You will get a lot of impressive combat experience with sharp picture quality. Smooth and stable movement with beautiful character effects. Quickly join to experience impressive stories and become the hero to save the world.