• Publisher:
  • Platforms: iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 152 MB
  • Date Updated: 13/06/2018

Are you a busy person and are looking for a game that can optimize your time? The Fish Master! will be the answer for you, the game was released by the famous game production company Voodoo. You will become a fisherman; you will show your ability to make money by fishing in the game. The fish are waiting for you to use your skill to capture them in this idle game. Show yourself as a good fisherman, use your fishing rod to catch much fish and become a rich man. Players will have the most fun moments and forget about the time you are free. Go fishing!

the fish master 2

Simple gameplay

At the start of The Fish Master! for iOS, the player becomes a fishing expert. You will use your little boat to move out into the vast ocean and begin your work. The game has very simple gameplay; players only need to use their fingers to do touching the screen to select the location that you want to fish. The fishing rod will automatically move to the location of your choice and start dropping the line.

the fish master 3

After that, the line will be extended down to the sea. When your fishing line reaches the maximum limit, it will automatically be recorded. Your hook will catch all the fish on its way. You will receive a reward corresponding to each fish you catch. Your fishing action will not be limited; you can play this game continuously for a long time without considering the time. The game is very entertaining and very addictive.

the fish master 4

You can upgrade your fishing rod to be more effective

Players can use bonuses after they catch fish to upgrade their fishing rods. The game has two upgrade options for players to choose from Length and Strength. Your fishing rod will have the ability to collect more fish after performing upgrades. Also, the game will have a third feature for the player to choose Offline Earning. This feature will allow players to earn bonuses while they are offline. You will earn a lot of money without having to directly participate in the game.

The Fish Master! by Voodoo for iOS – Gameplay


This is an entertaining game, and it’s free. However, Voodoo producers have incorporated a lot of ads into this game. These ads will make many players uncomfortable. You can disconnect from the Internet or purchase In-App Pack to block ads and support Voodoo producers. These ads are not intended to affect players, but you can use the strategies we offer to restrict in-game advertising.

the fish master 5

Simple graphics

The Fish Master! APK Mod using 2D graphic design is very simple. The images in the game are displayed like a simple picture instead of many colours and details; this brings relaxation to the player. The actions of the character are also designed very simple and fun. The sound of the character as he collects more fish will make the player feel happier.

the fish master 1

Are you ready?

The Fish Master! for Android is a simple recreation game, this game will bring players the most relaxing and comfortable moments. If you are looking for a game to enjoy after the stressful working hours, The Fish Master! would be a great choice. Are you ready to become an idle fishing expert?