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At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), a developer known as Bethesda Softworks LLC. has unexpectedly unveiled the first images of their new project, The Elder Scrolls: Blades for Mobile Devices. This is great news for many fans of the game The Elder Scrolls all over the world. They have had the opportunity to experience an RPG superhero on their mobile device shortly. Some information about the developer Bethesda Softworks LLC. This is a great developer and has had many successful products on PCs and consoles such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim V or Series Fallout. These are RPG games with a huge open world, these games have been very successful immediately after the launch and confirmed the brand of Bethesda Softworks LLC globally. This year, they announced the release of Fallout’s next-generation Fallout Series: 76 on PCs and consoles. That’s two good news for those who love this popular game developer. Currently, you can pre-register on Google Play for the chance to experience Elder Scrolls: Blades as soon as possible. Please join us to learn about this game with the article below.

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Predict gameplay

The Elder Scrolls: Blades for iOS will be the next instalment of the Skyrim Series on PC and Console with a completely different storyline. Players will be immersed into a mysterious character. He is a member of Blade; Blade is a spy organization of the empire. They had to live in exile when their homeland was in turmoil because of the dark forces.

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He returned and rebuilt his hometown and defeated the evil forces. Players will be involved in bloody battles with the evil demon in this game. You just need to do the touch and swipe of the screen to control your character to perform the corresponding attack.

According to my prediction, the game’s control system will also resemble popular RPG games so that players can adapt easily. The game will give players a lot of different options to change the style and equipment of their character. Players will be able to create a character in their style, this is interesting, right?

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The Elder Scrolls: Blades – Quest, Create, Conquer

The publisher has revealed three major game modes of the game: Abyss, Arena, and Town.

Abyss Mode: Players will be engaged in endless battles in the dark and dangerous dungeons.
Arena Mode: This mode will allow you to participate in 1v1 wars with other players around the world.
Town Mode: You can build their city or visit the cities of other players or your friends.

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Beautiful graphics

The Elder Scrolls: Blades for Android own 3D graphics design is very impressive and beautiful. Players will be overwhelmed by the extremely sharp picture quality in this game. You will be immersed in an ancient world with great works and wild nature. However, you will need a fairly configurable device to experience this game perfectly.

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Surely you will like this game

If you are a fan of RPG games or you are looking to learn about the games of Bethesda Softworks LLC. The Elder Scrolls: Blades APK Mod will be a great opportunity for you. The game has received high praise from the gaming community worldwide. I am sure you will enjoy this game at first sight. Please visit PiePure regularly to get the latest information on this game.