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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 183 MB
  • Date Updated: 13/03/2018

Download The Catapult is a fun strategy game that helps you relax after hours of hard work or study. The game is produced by the famous manufacturer BYV. This game has reached nearly 10.000 installs and impressed with many players around the world. The Catapult promises to bring you the enjoyment every time you play. Learn more about The Catapult in the article below.

The Catapult APK Mod Unlimited Gold

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The Catapult for Android

The Catapult for Android has easy gameplay, you need to control your weapons to destroy the enemies to protect your castle. The game gives you weapons like slingshot or stones, so you have to be calm to be able to bombard the enemies correctly. Remember that you need to constantly bombard, because the enemy always attacks you constantly, just a few seconds of delaying, the enemy can knock you down.

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After winning a level, you will receive gold rewards. Use these gold to buy items or weapons at higher levels such as weapons, cluster munitions (create 3 different bullets in one shot). Do not be subjective because The Catapult is a simple game; you can be shot anytime if you are not fast and careful.

Exchange with other players

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The Catapult for iOS supports the network so that you can play with your friends. Each side will defend their tower and use weapons to destroy the opponent’s base. The winner is the one who defeats the opponent first. If you are afraid of being killed soon, buy a helmet in the shop so that the fight will last longer, the opportunity for your victory also increased. Discover The Catapult’s shop; there are plenty things for you.

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Features of The Catapult

– Is a tactical game with the main character is the stickman hero
– Simple gameplay allows you control easily
– There are not any ads in the game
– There are a number of weapons
– Can challenge other players

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Download The Catapult APK Mod unlimited gold for Android


The Catapult Mod Gold has a simple 2D graphics, but it has the fun gameplay and realistic explosive effects. Realistic sounds express clearly the sounds of weapons and explosions that make the players feel like they are in a real battle.

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The Catapult Mod Unlimited Gold is a fairly simple game, suitable for all ages. If you need the relaxing moment, The Catapult is an excellent suggestion. The game will be updated regularly with new features to help it more attractive. Let install The Catapult to join the exciting battle. Here is a link to help you easily install this game.