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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 62 MB
  • Date Updated: 28/02/2019

The Arcade Rabbit – Experience impressive combat with seven powerful heroes. If you are looking for an attractive fighting game and have a nice picture quality, this is the best option for you. Players will discover many interesting characters and journeys. Become a powerful bunny and defeat all enemies along the way. The game is currently released by OneMore Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The Arcade Rabbit

Lovely pictures

The Arcade Rabbit for iOS brings many lovely images of rabbits; each character is a lovely rabbit with many beautiful costumes. The characters are uniquely designed in a cartoon style and will bring you more fun. The costumes and details of carefully prepared characters help you get more excited experiences. Besides, the colours of the game are very interesting when combined with the interface of the game. Many special combat skills will create a lot of attractive images.

The Arcade Rabbit2

Discover the fun of the game

You will discover many stories and adventure journeys to many different lands. Join the fight with many powerful enemies and discover a range of unique equipment prepared in each of the different levels. Enjoying many exciting challenges and sharp image quality will make you relax the best.

The Arcade Rabbit for Android/iOS

Control and fight

With the fascinating combat challenges ahead, you will be provided with a virtual key system. Virtual keys are scientifically arranged right on the device’s screen and you can quickly get familiar with the control system. Virtual keys include a system that controls the character’s movement, using combat skills and using items. You control flexible characters and use combat skills in a scientific way to quickly defeat your enemies.

The Arcade Rabbit3

You are allowed to experience combat with seven different characters; each character will own their costumes and fighting skills. Exciting battle challenges will take you to many maps and fight with many different enemies. Besides seven interesting characters are three unique weapons to use. The weapons you use are Sword, Great Sword and Staff. Each weapon will have interesting features to explore. Sword brings quick attacks. Great Sword provides good protection, helping you to avoid many enemy attacks and they can create high damage. Finally, Staff has the advantage of being able to attack a large area.


In addition to the three exciting combat weapons, The Arcade Rabbit APK Mod is also prepared with over 200 different items. With a variety of items, you will receive important support when fighting. Each item has its abilities and helps you defeat many dangerous enemies. Accumulating and using items appropriately will help you survive many fierce battles.

The Arcade Rabbit4


The Arcade Rabbit brings many exciting combat missions and a variety of items that help make the game more interesting. Fight and collect items in your way to creating many good achievements.