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  • Date Updated: 17/05/2018

Are you a tennis fan? Want to join the exciting games of this sport? But you are too busy and do not have time to play this sport in real life? So let me introduce you to a game that will solve your problems. This is the Tennis Manager 2018. This is a game management tennis players recently released recently. The game cabinet is full of elements that people need in a tennis game. Let’s find out what’s hot in the game below.

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About the game

Tennis Manager 2018 is a tennis management game. The game was inspired by a celebrity – Patrick Mouratoglou. In the game, you will become a manager of real players. You will find young talents and train them, helping them become the best transgender in the world. This is not an easy job. You will have to compete with many other players around the world. Join the matches with the players in the world and try to beat them. This is a very fierce race requires you to have good tactics, good thinking can be won. Are you ready to take part in this war?

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How to play

Tennis Manager 2018 for Android will turn you into a manager of tennis players. Your task is to train them and devise new strategies so that your player can win. You need to plan your fitness, skills, etc. This is a task that requires you to persevere and try your best to climb the top of the world. There are many difficulties and challenges waiting for you. Do you have the confidence to become the best manager in the world? Download and prove your talent right now.

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Tennis Manager 2018 for iOS is equipped with 3D graphics are very eye-catching. After the hard workout, you will see your athlete playing on the field. These games are beautifully designed and equally attractive. You will be immersed in the same intense matches in real life. If you are a fan of this sport, then the game will satisfy you. The sound in the game is also true. Background music in the game is also very acute in each stage of the game.

Attractive features

– Find new talent and help them become stars in tennis.
– Plan carefully, hire the best staff to train your tennis player.
– Many styles of play for you to choose from: Counter Puncher, Volleyer, Power Player, Defense Baseliner, …
– You need to learn and create new tactics to win.
– Create new turning points for the game by pushing integrated guides in time.
– Manage the schedule, practice of the tennis player
– Become a real manager with Tennis Manager 2018

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Tennis Manager 2018 first Gameplay Android/iOS


Tennis Manager 2018 APK Download is a great game for anyone who loves tennis. You will be immersed in real games and strategies, plans to turn your tennis player into a world star. Do you have confidence that you will do it? This is a difficult task that not everyone can accomplish, download the game and experience it now. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!