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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 20/06/2018

Teen Titans GO Figure! is a turn-based strategy and action game released by the well-known Cartoon Network. The game will bring players to the world of famous cartoon characters; you will be with your characters to defeat other teams to become the strongest team. With familiar gameplay and fun graphic design, the game promises to bring players a lot of fun. Currently, the game has not been officially released. You can register early to experience the game as soon as the publisher releases the official version.

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When you join Teen Titans GO Figure! APK Download, you will be able to own 3 Cartoon Network fun characters and create a team. Then you will control your characters to join the battle along with other teams in the game. Developers do not reveal too much information about this game, but the game will have the Campaign mode, and PvP Mode remains a mystery. In Campaign mode, you will participate in various battles based on the plot of the game. Gameplay is quite simple; players will touch the bottom left of the screen to select the character that you want to control.

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You will be waiting for the energy bar next to the character cards to be able to use special skills. Once the energy bar has exceeded the required level, you can use special character skills to attack or defend. Each character will have three completely different skills; you need to arrange the characters that you own to have different tactics in the game. The battle will end when one of the two teams is destroyed, and the surviving team will be the winner.

Teeny Titans – Teen Titans Go! Figure Battles

After completing the game, you will receive experience points and other hero cards. Experience will help your heroes increase levels and become stronger. You can use the hero cards to recruit new heroes for your army. The game has more than 100 famous heroes for collectors such as Radical Titans, Wonder Woman, Batman, Teen Titans, The Flash … You will get more tactical possession of these heroes in the team of the friend.

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Animated graphics

Teen Titans GO Figure! for Android have a fun 2D cartoon style graphic design. Players will experience dramatic battles in this game as cartoon characters talk about Cartoon Network characters. The characters are designed in the same way as in popular animated films to give the player the most familiar experience. Also, the voices of the characters are voiced like in the cartoon will make the battle becomes more attractive.

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If you are a fan of cartoon characters, you can not miss Teen Titans GO Figure!. With the unique features I have outlined above, this is an attractive strategy game. Please subscribe to this game right away so that you can experience the game as soon as possible.