• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 64 MB
  • Date Updated: 19/05/2018

If you love the game strategy genre, TD: Goblin Defenders – Towers Rush PRO is a great suggestion for you. This is a game that allows you to build and upgrade defence forces, fight with hostile forces like giant monsters, wizards, orcs and many other dangerous enemies. Build the right tactics to protect your kingdom, becoming the best leader of all time. The game was produced by the famed Red Machine publisher, updated on April 18, 2018, and sold on the Google Play store. If you are interested in this game, please find out more in our detailed article below.

td goblin defenders 1

TD: Goblin Defenders – Build a solid defence system

Join the game, players are using a variety of different towers and choose the appropriate location to build defence systems to defend the kingdom. You will have time to build towers; each tower has different attack skills, choose the right match to easily kill the enemy.

td goblin defenders 2

Goblin Defenders: Towers Rush Android Gameplay

When you are ready, the enemy will attack in many directions, the enemy has many different types, so the selection of towers is very important for this game. Each time you kill an enemy, you will receive gold coins, using gold coins to build more towers so that your defence system becomes stronger. Destroy all enemies; you will win a battle.

td goblin defenders 3

The level of play

The game has many different levels of play, difficulty and challenges will increase with each level. Any difficulty level has a way to pass. So winning depends on how you play and your tactics.

Terrain combat

TD: Goblin Defenders – Towers Rush PRO for Android owns many different maps, besides there are many beautiful areas for you to experience. Combat maps will constantly change at each level.

td goblin defenders 4

Main features of the game

– Engage in building and upgrading defence systems for your kingdom
– Use the right tactics to easily kill the opponent
– Pass a level you will receive a lot of gold and attractive prizes
– Lots of levels for you to complete
– Beautiful photos
– Stylish gameplay

td goblin defenders

Graphics and sound

TD: Goblin Defenders – Towers Rush PRO APK Download has the great graphic design, every picture in the game is described in great detail and sharp. Besides, the sound system is vibrant, giving the player the best experience.


Overall: TD: Goblin Defenders – Towers Rush PRO is a very attractive defensive strategy game that is getting a lot of hits. Take part in the game and show yourself as an outstanding player by getting through all the levels. Currently, games are being supported on devices with Android operating systems. For easy installation, please click on the link below. Wish you have a fun experience.