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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 87 MB
  • Date Updated: 10/04/2018

Do you regularly use taxi services to get to your workplace? Are you curious and want to find out how this taxi driver job will look like? To answer those questions, we will introduce you to a game called Taxi Car Simulator 2018 Pro. This is a taxi driver simulation game and is released by the developer StrongUnion Games; you will be driving a taxi and doing the job of bringing the guests to where they want. The game will give the player the feeling of being a real taxi driver, let’s learn about Taxi Car Simulator 2018 Pro for Android.

taxi car simulator 2018 pro 5

Simulate real driving.

You will start the game by becoming a taxi driver, your job is to pick up the guests and drive them to where they want to go. The game’s control system is very good, you control the speed of the car with two virtual keys in the lower right of the screen, you control the direction of the car with two virtual keys on the side bottom left of the screen.

taxi car simulator 2018 pro 4

In addition, there are a lot of virtual key functions such as turning on the lights, turning on the turn signal lights, horn signalling… You will be driving a taxi with full features as in real life. You will take your guests to places in the city.

taxi car simulator 2018 pro 3

After each mission, players will receive experience points and bonuses, experience points will help players unlock new tasks with new locations in the city, bonuses will help players upgrade the car taxi or buy new and stronger taxis.

Taxi Car Simulator 2018 Pro Android Gameplay

The in-game car system is also very diverse; players can buy new cars in the game’s store, these cars have beautiful shapes and more powerful engines, the new car will help players have Can easily complete the tasks quickly. The game has many other new features awaiting players to explore.

taxi car simulator 2018 pro 2

Great 3D graphics design.

The graphics of Taxi Car Simulator 2018 Pro for iOS is designed with extremely sharp 3D technology. Taxis and the surrounding environment are shown in the most realistic way, the effects of the vehicle while travelling on the road are shown very honestly based on the physical rules as in real life. The sound of the car and its contents are described in a very vivid way, giving the player the feel of a true taxi driver.

taxi car simulator 2018 pro 1

Become a real taxi driver

Taxi Car Simulator 2018 Pro Mod Money will let players experience the feelings of a real taxi driver. With a simple play, rich features, graphics and sound system. This will be the most authentic taxi driver simulation game of 2018; you can download the game using the link below the article.