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  • Date Updated: 22/01/2019

According to many reviews and sharing, cooking is a job that requires high concentration but also helps relieve stress very well. Are you a passionate cook, do you want to explore a variety of different dishes? Come to Tasty Town, an interesting culinary space waiting for you ahead. Experience the exciting cooking challenges of Social Point producer and build an impressive restaurant right on your device. Overcome various challenges of the game and bring the unique culinary world into your device.

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Diverse content

Tasty Town APK Mod is developed with a variety of activities. Besides interesting recipes, you can also create a farm to provide materials for restaurants. You will experience the most impressive management challenge ever. You are in charge of managing a restaurant and building a farm to provide the ingredients needed to maintain the restaurant’s operation. You must constantly monitor and maintain the operations of restaurants and farms for business development. If your restaurant or farm is not working well, your business will be destroyed.

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Many different activities

You will start with the instructions of the game like customer service, food processing and maintaining food production. Implementing and completing these guides helps you capture the content and easily control all activities. To expand the restaurant, you need to serve a variety of dishes and to do this; you need a variety of ingredients from the farm. Therefore, you will have to use a scientific business strategy to create stability for restaurants and farms.

Tasty Town – Build your Restaurant and Cook

Maintain the restaurant’s operation with basic dishes to collect a lot of bonuses; then you will expand the farm with growing a variety of plants and raising livestock. Your farm works well will provide you with many good ingredients to help grow the restaurant’s business. After accumulating a lot of good ingredients, you will have to build many different kitchens to serve many dishes at the same time. The business of the restaurant will be better if you can quickly meet the requirements of customers. Serving customers quickly with lots of delicious food helps you get more bonuses.

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Tasty Town for iOS also offers beautiful details to make your restaurant more impressive. Decorate restaurants or farms according to personal preferences so that the space of the game becomes more attractive. Beautiful decoration with many different styles will help you get the attention of more customers. Create a space of your own and surprise people with your beautiful decorating and arranging talents.

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Are you ready to experience?

Tasty Town offers lots of exciting activities, and you need to concentrate well to complete the various challenges of the game. Discover and create many delicious dishes and decorate restaurants with the game’s sharp image system. 3D graphics with the scientific layout of the game help you be more confident and in control. There are many beautiful pictures with unique works waiting for you to build.