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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 50 MB
  • Date Updated: 22/02/2019

Talking Goat – A unique entertainment game in the series of simulation products of Talking Pet producer. You will have the opportunity to become a goat and communicate with other goats. Light and fun entertainment when talking with other goats. You need fun games; this is an attractive option that you should join right now.

talking goat 2

Lovely experience

The player will receive a lovely goat, and you must take care of it. Help it grow well on the farm and meet other animals on the farm. Discover many interesting activities of goat species in the context of day and night. You will be able to use different virtual keys to control a goat moving around the farm with beautiful scenery to enjoy a quiet space.

talking goat 5

Simple but interesting game

Talking Goat for iOS helps you become an interesting goat; you are allowed to collect and nurture many different goats. Each goat has a unique design and is developed based on many real-life goats. Nurture and upgrade your goat to participate in many tasks. Complete exciting missions to get lots of exciting rewards. Share your goat to family or friends for everyone to experience and have more fun.

talking goat 3

In addition to caring, talk to your goat to have lots of laughter. When talking, the goat will repeat what you say funnily. This will bring a fun time for players. You can take pictures of the goat when it is moving or standing still to share with friends.

Besides, there are many interesting activities with your goat like walking, playing ball or you can poke the goat’s stomach to tease it. Move around the farm and compete with many other goats. To compete and win, your goat needs to be in good health and a pair of horns is developed strongly.

talking goat 4

Lovely graphics

Talking Goat APK Mod with lively animation design and sophisticated construction details will help you get the most authentic experience. The farm is well built with details such as fences, warehouses, fields or many other beautiful buildings. With these details, players will have a quiet time to relax after a tiring day.

talking goat 1

Final comment

You are ready to take care and share many hilarious stories with your goat. Participate in Talking Goat to create many fun memories and discover many interesting animal care challenges. With the recently updated version and tens of thousands of downloads, you should not ignore this product.