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  • Date Updated: 07/04/2018

Sword Fantasy Online is a very engaging role-playing game, released by the makers of Elysium Games. Players will be joined in a magical world where there are many strange creatures and humans can own magic. Players will play the role of the characters in the game and help them make the journey to destroy the evil forces are threatening the peace of the world. The game is very new, promising to bring a lot of fun and unique experience for players. Let’s find out about Sword Fantasy Online for Android.

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How to play

When you join Sword Fantasy Online APK for Android, you will be selecting your character; there will be many character classes to choose players such as Fighter, Mage, Ranger … After selecting the character, the journey to destroy the devil will start. You will control your character to make adventures through various lands and destroy all the monsters in the path; you will use different skills of the character and attack the enemy.

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Each character has four distinct skills. Each battle is a difficult level, you will have to fight different types of monsters, and they are all very strong. After destroying all the monsters, you will have to kill the bosses to complete the level of difficulty.

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After each battle, you will receive experience points, gold coins and valuable items. The experience will help your character level up and learn more powerful new skills. Use gold coins and items to upgrade your character’s equipment. Also, you can recruit more heroes by going through the matches and forming a team, implementing group tactics that you devise, which will help you get through the level of difficulty.

Sword Fantasy Online – Anime MMORPG Android iOS Gameplay

The character system of the game is varied, each character has its plot, and you can learn the story of other characters by playing the characters. The game has an online mode where you and other players can create a group, fight together with powerful bosses to collect money and valuable items. Moreover, the game has a lot of mini-games, and other unique features are waiting for you to explore.

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Graphics and sound

Sword Fantasy Online for iOS owns the cute Anime 2D graphic design, characters and monsters designed to be friendly and cute. The actions and skills of the character are expressed in detail and majestic. The sound of the game impresses a lot with the players, the voices of the characters are very well expressed, just like the characters have their own emotions and personalities. The sound of the skills in the game is described in a very real way, you will feel like participating in a real battle in the game.

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You can download the game here

Sword Fantasy Online APK is a very engaging and adventurous adventure game that you can not ignore. The graphic design of the game is very cute anime style; you will be controlling the beautiful hero girl and participate in the fierce battle. The game is very simple and new, diverse character system. Are you ready to make the adventure in this colourful world? You can download the game using the link below the article.