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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 500 MB
  • Date Updated: 06/03/2018

NetEase is the top of survival genre because it continually releases top-notch survival games such as Battle Royale, Bullet Strike, Free Fire, Knives Out, or Rules of Survival. The game that is appreciated is Survivor Royale. Every smart mobile can download Survivor Royale for free and experience it now.

Survivor Royale APK Mod Unlimited Money/Health/Ammo

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In fact, Survivor Royale for Android is an upgraded version of Knives Out in the Chinese market with the name Terminator 1. This version provides a new interface and system, more stable server, giving the player the most amazing experience. Crisp, colour-contrasting effects make it easier for players to determine enemies. Survivor Royale offers some interesting modes for you to enjoy while fighting, You can create a team of two to four players. With a total of 100 participants in each game, it will increase the difficulty as PUBG on PC.

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Interesting gameplay

Survivor Royale for iOS allows you to own the only one character. An aircraft will drop you and 99 players down an island. Your mission is to quickly parachute to a suitable location on the island, looking for weapons, items to equip your character. You must quickly move to the safe circle and kill all nearby enemies. Try to survive as long as possible, the winner is the last survivor.

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You can use vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, … with many diverse models. Do not hesitate to kill the enemy if you do not want to end the game early. And after destroying them, do not forget to steal all the weapons and equipment that fall out, they will be very useful. Survivor Royale has three modes of play: Solo – duo, Duo – create the same team, Squad – a team of 4 players

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Survivor Royale By NetEase Games – IOS/Android Gameplay

Graphic design

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The scenery in Survivor Royale APK is exquisitely designed with stunning 3D graphics, giving gamers a sense of surreal, vibrant realism. However, if your device is not too powerful, you can adjust the settings for the smoother experience.


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To be able to download and play Survivor Royale Mod, the device has 3GB of RAM or more, because the download size is 50MB, but the extraction of resources will be up to 500MB. Survivor Royale supports both Android (version 4.2 and above) and iOS (version 8.0 or later), which you can download via the links below.