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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 20 MB
  • Date Updated: 29/05/2019

You and everyone in the world have certainly enjoyed the survival movies at least once in your life. These movies always bring a lot of excitement to everyone. To survive in harsh and complex environments, people need a lot of courage and experience. Have you ever thought that you would get lost on a deserted island? Isolated from the civilization of humanity, what will you do to survive? Look for the most authentic answers in Survivor Island. With this game, you will discover an honest and crazy life on the deserted island. Do you want to survive, explore the game, and learn what to do to maintain your life?

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Become a survivor

You are on your way back home after a hard working trip. You travel by plane, and your plane is going through the waters of the South Pacific. In the process of moving, the plane has malfunctioned and crashed into a mysterious island. After waking up from the plane crash, you realize you’re stuck on a deserted island. Trapped on this mysterious island, you will have to search for survivors. Many challenges and dangers are waiting for you on the island.

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The game will give you a diverse virtual key system to help you control the character. Like other realistic RPG games, you’ll have a joystick on the left side of the screen to move the character. The right side of the screen will show the weapons you can use. In the center of the device will display a bag and help you identify the objects you have collected along the way.

Survivor Island for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To help you become familiar with your survival mission, the game will give you some specific hints to help you survive. You will receive a series of basic tasks to familiarize yourself with this harsh living environment. The basic tasks will help you to have a stable life at the beginning of the experience. After that, you will have to survive in different living conditions. You can only survive when there is a stable source of food and a base to live. With food, you can hunt animals on the island for meat. Or you can carry out cultivation with the seeds you find on the island.

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In the survival challenge, players need to have different tools to survive. The manufacturer has designed many different types of tools for you to manufacture and use. Before crafting tools, you need to collect all the required materials. Simple tools have simple requirements and vice versa. In particular, some materials are very rare, and you need to make reasonable calculations before using them. For rare materials, you will have to move away from your base. When traveling to many different places on the uninhabited island, you will face many different threats. Pay attention to the surrounding environment when searching for ingredients to avoid unexpected attacks by some mysterious entities on the island.