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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 148 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/11/2018

Many surviving games have been released, and there is a game of this genre that you should not miss as Survival & Escape: Island. This is Gameday Inc.’s favorite survival game. Gameday Inc is a publisher with many impressive products including 13 Puzzle Rooms, 13 Puzzle Rooms: Escape Game, Doors & Rooms 2: Escape Game and much other attractive content. Experience the feeling of survival on a dangerous and crazy island in this game.

survival escape island 2

Island experience

You are on a plane when an accident occurs, your plane crashed and crashed into a deserted island. When you wake up after an accident, you are completely insane, and the only thing you remember is number 12. You are on a deserted island and have to find a way to survive the harsh conditions. The most important thing is to find your memory again.

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You will have to survive on a deserted island and separate from the world. To survive in this harsh environment, you need to be sober and strong to finish the game. You will start the game at Base Camp, this is your base after the accident, there are kitchens, beds, tables, water purifiers, and some other items. However, to use these functions you need to find the items and tools needed to make them. The game is designed with many different locations for you to learn like Palm tree beach, Waterfall, A broken rock, Wide grassland and many other dangerous places. At the places where the game offers you will have to find the items and tools necessary to survive. You need to look for food and quickly build a water purifier to survive on this harsh island. Build weapons to fight and protect yourself, hunt animals for meat for food and skin for clothing. Pay attention to your health indicators in the upper left corner of the device screen; you will die if these indicators are lowered. Moving between locations in the game takes a reasonable calculation to save time and energy, so you should not leave the base at night for lack of safety. You should equip weapons and food when leaving the base, avoid fighting with animals if not necessary.

Survival & Escape: Island for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Survival & Escape: Island for iOS has a fascinating 2D graphics. The graphics of the game are carefully designed and sophisticated, every detail in the game is prepared very honestly. The different details of the game are very attractive and beautiful; you will easily manipulate and observe the items in the game in a simple way. The graphics of the game are designed to be optimized and suitable for all devices with simple configurations

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Thought in the end

Survival & Escape: Island will bring you many impressive and dangerous challenges, the high picture quality of the game makes the game more attractive. You will experience more fun if you have friends around, learning and accumulation of useful survival knowledge when playing the game. You love the novel Robinson Crusoe by the writer Daniel Defoe then this game is the truest story for you to experience.