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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/05/2019

Pop’n’Solve game is one of the most popular game genres at the moment. It brings a lot of fun challenges and requires people to have good logical thinking to overcome challenges. In particular, the current Pop’n’Solve games are built with a certain theme to create a unique experience for everyone. Recently, CYMPL producer has decided to combine Pop’n’Solve game with the supreme deity Krishna of Hindu religion to create an impressive game. And this game is called Super Krishna Crush. From this combination, this product promises to provide lots of laughter and comfort for everyone.

Super Krishna Crush 2


With Super Krishna Crush APK Mod, you are tasked with helping Lord Krishna to overcome various challenges on the journey against evil and protect the pure soul of mankind. In the course of protecting humanity, the evil villain Kansa will find every way to stop Lord Krishna from saving human souls. To defeat this evil character, you need to overcome many complex challenges with your thinking ability. Challenges will be scientifically prepared with many pitfalls; you need to calmly calculate carefully to complete the tasks.

Super Krishna Crush 3

Lovely graphics

Super Krishna Crush for iOS is built with lovely cartoon style and brings many bright images to everyone. The interface of the game is built and beautifully designed and easy to see. Image themes and colors are harmoniously coordinated at each level. From there, players can participate in the continuous experience without feeling tired. In particular, the game also prepares some beautiful characters with lively moves for you to watch.

Super Krishna Crush for Android/iOS – Gameplay


The manufacturer has designed hundreds of different levels to challenge you; each level will give you specific tasks to do. Your task in the game is to collect the full number of square blocks required. There are many blocks with beautiful colors and patterns on the inside for you to collect. During the collection of blocks, you will be limited to the number of moves. Each level will have its moves. If you complete the assigned task and do not use all the moves, you will get a lot of bonus points. On the other hand, you use up all the moves, and you can’t complete the level, so you’ll have to redo the quest.

Super Krishna Crush 4

To collect squares, simply touch the blocks with the same color and pattern on the device’s screen. You can only collect blocks with the same color and pattern when they stand side by side and have several 2 or more. Also, the more blocks with the same color and pattern next to each other, the more bonus points and special collecting effects you will receive. To collect square blocks quickly and meet requirements, you need to pay close attention to the map. After carefully observing the position of the bricks, you must have the good judgment to calculate the number of square blocks when collected. From there, you will quickly complete the task and do not need to use all the assigned moves.

Super Krishna Crush 1


The content of Super Krishna Crush is inspired and developed from the fictional stories of Shri Krishna. The manufacturer only wishes to bring light and fun entertainment challenges to ten people. The challenges and content of the game are not intended to hurt an individual or a religion.