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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 03/05/2018

Do you love soccer? Which football team is your favourite football team? What is your dream as a football star? I like football very much, but I do not have the talent in the subject; Therefore, I usually take one of the three positions: ST, GK and reserve. I am an ambitious person, so I always dream of the speed of CR7, the skill of Messi, so I never have the player I love the most, just that player is playing fair play I will love. Because I like football, I also like to play football related games; I will introduce you to a game that I love recently. It’s the Super Crossbar Challenge for Android, a game developed and released by FredBear Games Ltd, this is a type of action game.

super crossbar challenge 1


Super Crossbar Challenge Mod Coins is based on the inspiration of the football-fan game, and you will play a character in the game and launch the ball to touch the crossbar of the goal.

super crossbar challenge 3

How to play

You need to flick the ball towards the goal to score, especially if you score when the ball hit the crossbar if you shoot the ball out or the net is not scored. It is important to observe the shooting force, and angle to get experience for subsequent shots, each character in the game will have different special shooting skills such as hooks, volleyball … When Perform the special kick technique you will get bonuses and will have more of your fans. You can use the money earned after playing to buy new characters and balls, and there are some special characters that will help you earn more bonuses while playing.

super crossbar challenge 2

Super Crossbar Challenge for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Highlights of the game

– There are three game modes to choose from.
– There are 15 countries for you to play in, and in each country, there are three levels of play (increasing difficulty level by level).
– There are over 30 achievements to unlock.
– There are over 50 differently designed balls for you to choose from.
– Variety of characters in the game.
– The better you play, the more bonuses and fans you have.
– Simple gameplay, just swipe the screen to adjust the shot and shot angle.

super crossbar challenge 4

Graphics – Sound

In-game graphics use 2D images, create cute and lovely characters, bright colours, lively sounds that create excitement and fun for the person experiencing.

super crossbar challenge 5


Super Crossbar Challenge for iOS is designed to fit all ages and genders, to download and install on your device, visit the link below.