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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 77 MB
  • Date Updated: 07/04/2018

Super Cats for Android is a real-time RPG, real-time action game, released by Happy Universe Studios. Players will be involved in real-time online battles, as a superhero cat along with other players around the world. With the new gameplay, the game promises to bring a lot of fun and unique experience for players, let’s learn about Super Cats.

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How to play

At the start of Super Cats for iOS, you will pick one of the superhero cats and join the fight; you will be playing along with two other people forming a team. Your task is to kill the enemy’s three opponents many times in a match. In battle, you will need to coordinate with your teammates in tactics, to kill the enemy as easily as possible.

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The character you choose will have a great influence on the team’s tactics in the game, so you need to think carefully before choosing the character to help your team win. The game is very simple; your team will have to kill as many enemies as possible, each match will have limited time and the team with more points to kill the team will win.

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After each match you receive a bonus, you use the money to buy your character the new outfit in the store of the game, your character will be more beautiful, and you will feel more excited. The character system in the game is also very diverse; you can choose different characters to join the battle, the characters have different skills and roles in the team.

Download Super Cats APK for Android/iOS

Players can create countless tactics with in-game characters because of the multiplicity of character systems. Also, each match will take place on a random map; players will not feel bored playing only on a map as the other games of the same genre. The game will have many other features and modes for players to explore and experience.

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Graphics and sound

Super Cats Mod Unlocked designed the 2.5D animation style, the character in the game is designed to look very cute and fun. The surroundings are displayed in a very sharp way; players will not be confused between their character and surroundings in the battle. The sounds of different weapons are described in a very detailed and fun way, the voices of the characters show the character of those characters.

You can download the game here

Are you a cat lover? You will not be able to skip the Super Cats game, with new ways of playing, extreme features and character systems, graphic design and fun sound. The game will bring the most fun and comfortable emotions for players in real-time 3V3 battles. You can download the game using the link below the article.