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Bowling is a popular sport for many people around the world. You can play this sport in any mall or park around the world. Bowling does not require too much level of players so almost people can play this sport. If you love this sport but have very little time, would like to introduce to you a popular Bowling game now called StrikeMaster Bowling.

Download StrikeMaster Bowling Apk v1.3 Mod Full for Android/iOS

StrikeMaster Bowling 1

Rubicon Development released the game on Feb. 8. Download StrikeMaster Bowling is available both iOS and Android operating systems; you can download games and experience for free. The game has the same manner with the Bowling sport, and thanks to the latest 3D graphics technology, players can have a realistic and lively experience. In this article, I would like to introduce to you all the features and gameplay of the game.

StrikeMaster Bowling Introduction

Bowling StrikeMaster has the same gameplay as the real Bowling sport so you will quickly accustom with the game. You will control your character to throw the bowling ball into the path so that as many bottles are spilt as possible. The game has many different modes for you to experience, such as Practice, Tournaments and Online. Besides, manufacturers often open many tournaments weekly with many valuable rewards.

StrikeMaster Bowling 2

In each stage, you need to adjust best so that you can throw the balls perfectly, making more bottles of wine fall, the higher your score will be. One of the modes that many players love is the online mode. In this mode, you can compete with other players to see who is the best player. It will be interesting to invite your friends and to play with.

Main features

– You can freely adjust the shape of your character such as the face, hair, eye colour, clothes and so on.
– 11 leagues are opened weekly giving you more chance to compete and win
– Adjust the speed, trajectory of the ball easily to achieve the best results
– Many different modes and you can customize the difficulty of each mode
– 8 times to drop the ball for you to choose
– Over 125 different balls for you to choose which have lots of different colours and materials.

StrikeMaster Bowling APK MOD for Android, iOS

Eye-catching3D graphics

StrikeMaster Bowling 3

StrikeMaster Bowling for Android is based on the advanced 3D graphics. It gives you an impressive experience. The game has light colours giving you the feeling of being in the true bowling sport. Each turn has different visual effects giving you more emotion.

General comment

StrikeMaster Bowling for iOS is worth to play; it will make you happy. You can invite friends and play together. Please visit the link below to download the game. Have a nice day!