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  • Platforms: Android
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  • Date Updated: 16/01/2018

Usually, the Stickman does not have a lot of colours; they have only one black colour and no specific face. However, this game Stickman Warriors Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors have completely changed that. The colourful Stickman and a very famous face were developed by the developer Stick war in the game. You will feel very new with these colourful Stickman.

Download Stickman Warriors Super Apk Mod for Android

The game was released on the Android operating system, with a capacity of about 18MB and launched in early 2018. Sadly, the game is not available on iOS, so Users of the iOS operating system should be patient enough to wait a little longer, developers certainly want to put their games on the AppStore.


Stickman Warriors Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors 1

The other Stickman games, you just get the simple and non-beautiful images, for the Game Stickman Warriors Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors is quite the opposite. The characters Stickman will have a lot of different colours and have a face of heroic characters Saiyan famous in the series Dragon like Goku or Vegeta.

At the start of the game, you will be portrayed as one of Saiyan’s heroes in the form of Stickman to fight against the enemy. Both will be put into the arena with the sword as in a sealed box; you will use your finger to adjust the navigation bar to move the character running and jump around in the box. The movement of the character is very important; this will help you attack and overwhelm the enemy easily. The physical phenomena in the game will not be the same as normal; you will feel like you are in a vacuum environment and cannot move normally. Your task is to constantly move the character until one of the two is broken and can not continue to fight anymore.

Features of the game

Stickman Warriors Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors 3

Each character in the game will have a specific skill that matches the story of Dragon Ball; you have to fight and collect the coins to be able to open new skills. Of course, your character will be stronger if you open more skills. The game is easy to get used to; it does not require too many skills of the player, you just press and type to play. The laws of physics in the game are destroyed so your characters will move in a very unpredictable way. The transition effects and bloodshed are also very detailed, which makes the gamer very interested.

Graphics and sound

Stickman Warriors Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors 4

The Stickman is not the same as before, but they are more specifically designed. This makes the game not too boring and unique shape is also a remarkable strength in this game. The sound of the game is also very fun, the impact and the punch also match the movement in the game, giving the player a very real feel.

Stickman Warriors Super – Android Gameplay


A game with a lot of new feels but still retain the original of the Stickman series before. If you love a new Stickman, then please download the game Stickman Warriors Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors for the Android operating system under the path below.