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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
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  • Date Updated: 15/01/2019

The products of DreamSky producer always bring many beautiful images and attractive gameplay to everyone. These games are always well prepared with a variety of combat activities and unexpected challenges. In particular, DreamSky is always successful with unique stick man themed games. And their Stickman Ninja brings a whole new experience with impressive content. This new game is built with compelling content along with many powerful fighting styles. People will be involved in the epic battle of the stick man.

stickman ninja 1

Special fighting

Stickman Ninja for iOS is a fascinating story about stick man built based on the epic style of Japanese fighting. You will become a professional assassin with many beautiful fighting skills. You will be involved in many dangerous missions and surrounded by many enemies. Destroy many enemies and complete assigned missions to help you become stronger. Specifically, you will be involved in fighting in many different maps bringing diverse experiences and not boring. The most authentic and epic fighting styles are waiting for you in the game.

stickman ninja 2


Stickman Ninja APK Mod offers a lot of different characters for you to experience. You will discover many powerful fighting skills of each character. The characters are prepared with a series of unique powers that give you beautiful skills and fighting styles. To unlock and use many characters, players will have to overcome many different quests and requirements of the game.

stickman ninja 3

Completing these requirements will help you collect many characters. Tasks that allow unlocking new characters are complex and take a long time to perform. Therefore, to unlock more characters, you need to focus and be flexible when doing the task. Besides owning characters, you will be involved in upgrading and changing skills for characters. This is a unique feature that makes the experience more exciting. Many different upgrades and changes will help your character be stronger and better defensive.

Stickman Ninja for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Control and fighting system

Players will be provided with an intuitive control system that provides easy control. You will be able to control the character and fight the horizontal screen motion. To the left of the device’s screen are virtual keys for moving characters. To the right of the device’s screen are virtual keys arranged scientifically to use skills when fighting. These virtual keys are very easy to use, you will master the control system when going through some basic tasks.

stickman ninja 4

With a unique battle map system, you will experience many beautiful images along with many different tasks. Each mission will take you to many different locations; you will have to fight and survive the attack of many enemies. Completing quests will help you get more rewards and allow you to upgrade characters with many impressive changes.

In general

Stickman Ninja has beautiful 2D graphics with smooth movements that bring a lot of addictive combat experience. Besides, there are a variety of beautiful colours and a harmonious combination with the layout of the game that brings true images. Join now with the sharing link at the end of the article to feel the epic battles and sharp images.