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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 11/04/2018

Are you a fan of action games? Do you love the game with Stickman style design? Although now there are many games designed like that, a new product is coming that a game that you should not miss. The game is called Stickman Legend – Shadow Revenge, released by GameStudioMini earlier this year. The game quickly received a lot of positive reviews from players and reached hundreds of thousands of downloads in just the first week. So, what made the game so successful? Let’s find exciting features in the game through the article below.

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Stickman Legend – Shadow Revenge APK Download is an epic game that tells the battles of Super Heroes and Villains from the Universe. You will enter a dark and mysterious world. The darkness is the ruler here; you will be given the power to become a Super Heroes and participate in the adventurous adventures. Are you ready to take on these dangerous journeys? The world in the game is full of danger with the scary monsters. Do you have the confidence to destroy them? Quickly download the game and prove you are the best boxer ever.

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Diverse character system

Stickman Legend – Shadow Revenge for iOS is equipped with a variety of character systems. You will experience a lot of different heroes who are so well known as Steel Man, Giant Man, Lord of Thunder and many others. But to own all these heroes, you need to win all the matches. Each battle wins, you will receive a considerable amount of money, you can use it to unlock the heroes.

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Attractive features

– Graphics support many screens that have multiple high-resolution
– Each hero has unique skills
– Combine the skills to create the beautiful combos
– Eye-catching and attractive visual effects
– Contains many meanings

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Upgrade your hero

– You can upgrade the strength of your character by upgrading them and their weapon.
– Adding more enemies at once, you will receive a lot of bonus effects attractive
– There are many items to increase the power of your character
– Destroy monsters to collect many gems. Gemstones help you unlock heroes and upgrade their power
– Complete missions to boost character strength quickly.

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Download Stickman Legend – Shadow Revenge for Android/iOS


Stickman Legend – Shadow Revenge for Android is a great combination of fighting action game and stickman style game. This is an excellent choice you should not miss in this summer. You can access the link below to download the game. Have a fun time!