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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 33 MB
  • Date Updated: 23/06/2018

Are you feeling sad and want to destroy all this world? Stickman Destruction 5 Annihilation will satisfy all your desires, the publisher of Stickman games free has brought the best solution for you. Players will be controlling a Stick Man character; you will drive a truck and knock down all the others on the journey with your car. With unique gameplay and new features, the game promises to bring the happiest and most fun moments for the player. Let’s learn about the highlights of this game.

stickman destruction 5 annihilation 2

The game of madness

When participating in the game, the player controls the character Stick Man and owns a car. You will control your character driving the truck and destroying all the obstacles in your way. You will perform the destruction task by crashing into other Stick Man and all obstacles along the way.

stickman destruction 5 annihilation 3

You will satisfy your taste in this game with the cruellest and dangerous accidents. The game retains the same ragdoll effects as previous versions, where players will experience images of corpses flying in the air or missing some parts of the body. You will not be allowed to stop until you get enough points and win.

Stickman Destruction 5 Annihilation for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The game provides players with a variety of vehicles such as tanks, bicycles, trucks, buses, and more. Your character can navigate all of these vehicles and perform destructive attacks. Make sure you show all your desires in this game in the most catastrophic accidents with the means provided by the game. Remember, all the crazy things are possible only in Stickman Destruction 5 Annihilation APK Download.

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Stick Man style graphics

Stickman Destruction 5 Annihilation APK Mod will give players a simple 2D Stickman style graphic design. The characters and surroundings in the game are displayed in a very detailed and clear way on the screen of the device. You will see the most traumatic accidents with simple graphic design and physical ragdoll effects of the game. The sound of the car when touched with the stickman and various objects is described very honestly.

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I like Stickman Destruction 5 Annihilation!

Stickman Destruction 5 Annihilation is one of the best stress relieving games I have ever experienced. It will help me better when I’m feeling bored or uncomfortable with my day job. This game turns me into a completely different person and becomes more fun. If you are interested in this game then you can use our link to discover the game in the easiest way.