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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 04/03/2018

Stickman Destruction is now one of the most popular stickman games in the world. By the end of 2017, Stickman Destruction 4 was released as Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation Mod Money. Currently, free Stickman games are constantly being updated, adding new features, and continuing to release the latest version of the Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation series.

Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation APK Mod Money

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In mid-February, Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation was released and supported exclusively for the Android for free via Google Play. With the latest version, Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation still prefers to develop gameplay and context as the previous version but is equipped with many more new and exciting features. The article below will help you better understand the content of Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation and how to download games for your device.

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Familiar gameplay

Entering the world of Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation for Android, players will be immersed in a very courageous character; you will control that hero and participate in many chaotic battles. To defeat the enemies on the way, you have to control your character to drive, run, jump or hit them. It sounds pretty hard, but do not worry too much. The simplest way to win that is to drive the car to crash into all the enemies that appear on the screen. However, it is not easy to control the car. Therefore, players need time to familiarise themselves with this game.

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Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation MOD Apk for Android/iOS


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– There are many cars with many models for you to choose freely
– Continuously launch new heroes with a variety of attacking skills
– Difficulty level increases, challenging the player’s bravery
– Combined with great tricks and new ragdoll-style
– Fascinating 2D graphics design with stunning visuals for smoother gameplay
– Can play anywhere without the internet connection.

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Over time, the Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation APK game has been upgraded, adding new features and new in-game challenges for players. Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation for iOS is one of the non-purpose games that do not require too many skills. With 2D graphic design, the game becomes smoother with quite a few capacities.

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You can download and experience Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation right on your device via the free link below. You can also download the original version from the link to Google Play or Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation if you like it. Have fun playing and overcome all the challenges of Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation.