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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 04/08/2018

Steven Universe is a very popular film on Cartoon Network; this movie has many fans around the globe. The characters in this movie are very fun, and they bring the most fun and comfortable moments for viewers. Recently, SPYR APPS has officially released Steven Universe: Tap Together for mobile devices. This is a game based on the popular cartoon Steven Universe; players will have the opportunity to meet the characters in this famous movie. The characters in the game are attacked by other space-based creatures, and you help the characters in this game defeat these fierce creatures to bring peace to the world.

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Steven Universe: Tap Together APK Mod is an idle game, the gameplay of this game is also very simple. You will be touching the screen to control the characters who perform the attack on the enemy. If you make faster touches, then the monsters will be destroyed faster. Therefore, players will easily participate in this fascinating game. In higher difficulty levels, the monsters will become much stronger, and your character will not be able to defeat the monsters. Use your character’s special abilities to defeat monsters more quickly. Each character will own different special skill, use the special skills in the most reasonable way to overcome the difficulty level easier.

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Upgrade character

Each time you destroy a monster, you will receive the bonus coming from the game. You can use the bonus you receive to upgrade your character. Your character stats will be increased; you will get a much stronger team after each upgrade. Your squad will have enough power to confront the more dangerous monsters in the game.

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Familiar graphics

The graphic design of Steven Universe: Tap Together for Android is similar to the movie Steven Universe, a game with 2D graphic design in cartoon style. Players will feel like they are watching the movie Steven Universe right on their mobile device. The skill effects of the character are quite eye-catching and make the battle more attractive. The sound system of the game is well designed, the sound of the character and the sound of the skill effects are clearly described.

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Steven Universe: Tap Together – Gameplay

Download Steven Universe: Tap Together

Overall, Steven Universe: Tap Together is an idle game for the fans of Steven Universe. If you are looking for a game to optimize your time plan, then this game is not a bad choice either. The game will bring you the most fun battles, explore it now.