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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 82 MB
  • Date Updated: 01/06/2018

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a great magician or brave warrior? Starlight Legend Global released by GameSky Global developer will realize your dream. Players will be joined in an incredibly wide open world where they can be any warrior. Players will choose different professions to explore and conquer this mysterious world. Many challenges and difficulties are waiting for you in the front; you can become a powerful warrior in this world?

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How many lands will you conquer?

When participating in Starlight Legend Global for Android, the player will be selected for his character. You can create your character in the warrior classes given by the game. You can become an assassin, warrior, magus, archer … Your choice will accompany you in all the journey of the game. Players will have to overcome many different lands to become stronger.

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Each land will be a separate difficulty level; players will face different challenges in each land. Initially, the number of small monsters and their power was not great.

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Players can easily conquer the small land. In higher difficulty levels, you will face scary bosses or freak monsters. You need to collect more teammates and use the right tactics to get through higher levels.

The system features a variety

This is an MMORPG Online game; you will need to use an Internet connection to play with other players. Also, the game has other features that need to use a network connection. You will need to maintain your connection status when joining this game.

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Starlight Legend Global APK Download has a variety of pet systems, which will give your character greater power. The animals will also help you fight the monsters, and you will have more advantages.

Starlight Legend Global – Android/iOS Gameplay

Also, you can create guilds and play alongside other players. You will be able to easily conquer new lands with your teammates and receive rewards from the game. The game also has many other attractive features waiting for players to experience such as costume, marriage, seasonal events …

Beautiful graphic design

Starlight Legend Global for iOS is designed with beautiful 2D and attractive graphics. The characters and monsters in the game are designed in a very cute cartoon style. Players will have more fun feeling when making the fun journey. The sound of the monsters and skills in the battle is described very livelily.

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Starlight Legend Global is a highly anticipated MMORPG recently. How many lands can you conquer to become the strongest? An unending battle between warriors and monsters in this vast world awaits you.