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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 57 MB
  • Date Updated: 06/09/2018

After the huge success of Star Trek ™ Trexels, Kongregate officially announced the release of Star Trek™ Trexels II. This is a game based on the famous film Star Trek; you will have the opportunity to explore the vast universe and show your leadership in this game. There are many interesting things waiting for you to discover in this game, you will make many different journeys to explore the universe and become a myth. Can you become a good leader in this game?

star trek™ trexels 2

Interesting journeys

The game will take players to a vast universe; you will make different journeys to explore the universe in this game. To travel outside space, you will need a very large ship. Of course, the game will give the player a spaceship; your ship is quite small. You will use the spaceship that the game offers to explore the vast universe. On exciting journeys, you will have to explore many new planets. There are many dangerous forces that exist on strange planets; you will have to control your characters in tactics to defeat these evil forces.

star trek™ trexels 5


After winning the fierce battle, you will receive a lot of rewards coming from the game. These rewards are precious resources, and you will use the resources you receive to upgrade your spaceship. The game offers players many different upgrade options; you can use resources to help your spaceship become stronger. Specifically, you can upgrade the gardens, small space vessel, expanding the choice of rooms … Each upgrade will bring a new source of strength for you; your forces will become larger. The game also has many other unique features waiting for players to explore.

Star Trek™ Trexels II – Epic, Retro Space Simulation

Simple design

Like its predecessor, Star Trek™ Trexels II has a very simple 2D graphic design. However, this version has a lot of graphical improvements; you will be admiring huge galaxies in the universe. The characters and surroundings are also designed in more detail to give players the best gaming experience. The explosive effects in the game are well designed eye-catching, you will experience the great battle outside the universe. The sound of the game is designed simply to match the graphic design of the game.

star trek™ trexels 4


Star Trek™ Trexels II is an upgraded version with many new features; the game promises to bring the best experience for fans of the movie Star Trek. You will become a true leader; you make the journey to seek newness in the vast universe. A lot of surprises are waiting for you to discover in this game, experience it now!