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  • Date Updated: 17/11/2018

You are a fan of science fiction and exploring the world’s most famous fantasy universe – Star Trek. You not only love this series but also have a passion for space science. Star Trek Fleet Command is the best and most suitable game for you at the moment. This is an impressive tactical game released by Scopely producer. Enjoy this fascinating game with the share link at the bottom of this article after you have reviewed the highlights of the game in this article.

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The universe of Star Trek

New space war is about to begin; many forces have prepared the army to destroy the opponent, the Union forces, Romulan forces vie and Klingon will fight to control the Alpha and Beta part of Space. You will become the commander of a starbase; you have the responsibility and duty to protect people and prevent the enemy. You will have to set up and command your fleet with many powerful captains such as James T. Kirk, Spock, and Nero.

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Star Trek Fleet Command APK Mod is an online game where you will face many dangerous opponents or mighty alliances. Prepare the right strategy and judge the intentions of your enemies and allies so as not to fail in the game. Discover and move seamlessly to the many different places in the game to collect resources and learn many unique civilizations. Build and upgrade your army to be ready to fight with the hidden dangers and defenses of your base. Collect resources to build powerful warships like Romulan Warbird, Klingon Bird of Prey, AUGUR, and USS Enterprise.

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Once you’ve built the warship, the next mission is to summon, train, and use the crew of your warships. You will have two modes of play: PVE and PVP, you will fight according to the tasks that the game requires. PVE will ask you to fight A.I system of the game to complete the quest and receive the corresponding reward. PVP will ask you to fight randomly with many other players in the world to gauge the strength and position of your game’s rankings.

Star Trek Fleet Command – MMO Strategy SciFi Warfare

Big Universe

The game has simple 2D graphics, and tactical elements are the main highlights of the game. Although the graphics are simple, but the details and pictures in the game are carefully designed and have no weaknesses. The color of the game will give you a unique experience when adventure in the universe. The interface and much-needed information in the game are fully and scientifically displayed right on the screen of the device.

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Surely you will like this game

The game fits in with the lovers of tactical and thought factors, and at the same time meets the interests of science and explores the universe of many. Star Trek Fleet Command will bring you more exciting emotions while experiencing the game with your friends and participating in regular battles. The game is designed with many outstanding features to help players feel comfortable playing the game.