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  • Date Updated: 13/03/2018

Developer Voodoo has released a number of popular games such as Rolly, Dune!; and Fire Rides. Recently, this company has launched a new game called Stack Jump. Stack Jump has a very simple gameplay and makes a huge hit with more than 100,000 installs in the first three days. Right now we are going to learn more about Stack Jump…

Stack Jump APK Mod Remove Ads

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Players control their character by touching the screen to jump to dodge the flying bricks. When the character falls and sets foot on the brick, you gain 1 point. You need to score the highest score. Players need to train themselves with good reflexes, land on the tiles correctly and try to keep the piles from falling. The game is very simple, suitable for all ages and also very addictive. Voodoo games usually contain a lot of ads, but Stack Jump has quite a few ads.

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Graphics and sound

The graphics of the Stack Jump for Android have impressed the gamers; the graphics are designed with 3D technology, characters look quite bright and clear and funny. The sound is also an interesting highlight, the sound in dance action and the stacked bricks are very pleasant. Stack Jump for iOS will create fun and exciting experiences for players through their fun graphics and sound system.

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Stack Jump Mod Remove will be a good choice for busy people or kids because of its simple and addictive gameplay. The game contains quite a few ads that make the players comfortable. The visual design and sound of Stack Jump are fun. You are a fan of Voodoo; you are a person who likes simple games, download the Stack Jump now and experience the fun and exciting moments. Stack Jump is being released on the Google Plays Store and App Store.