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  • Date Updated: 29/03/2018

Flappy Bird – a familiar name to many people in the world. This game has created a strong wave for a long time. The game is famous for its simple but incredibly addictive gameplay, and it makes you think that “you should have played better”, players always have the desire to win higher score. To continue the success of that game, a new product that has the same addictive game was released – Sprint Hero. This is a challenging game, so the players want to play non-stop to be able to conquer it. That is also one of the factors that made the success of Flappy Bird. Coming to Sprint Hero, you have to do a lot of new things to win and get high scores like running, jumping and even cutting fruit.

sprint hero 1

Compared to other games on the market today, Sprint Hero Mod Money looks pretty simple. But what makes the game different is getting score high is extremely difficult. Your only task in the game is to touch the screen and keep your character running continuously. Then, when you release your hand, your character will jump and fly. The hard part is that you need to properly align your character to cut as many fruits as possible and increase your score. Otherwise, you will fall into the abyss and lose the game, which means you have to play again.

sprint hero 2

You may think Sprint Hero for iOS has simple gameplay, but it is not simple. You need to pay attention to the right time most. That is the decisive factor in the game. Your character needs to gain momentum and get enough speed before he can fly long distances. You release your hands earlier or later, even if in a blink of an eye, your character will fall down immediately and you lose the game.

sprint hero 3

That’s why not everyone is patient enough to play the game. You will take a long time to accustom the gameplay and pass over your own record. This is an excellent choice for those who want to find a game to play with their friends.

sprint hero 4

Sprint Hero APK Mod Money for Android

Sprint Hero APK Download affects the emotions of players a lot. Your mood will change quickly with each jump, grounding of the character. You are happy when reaching new records and defeating someone. But if you lose, you will feel a little bit bitter and determined to play more to revenge. The scenery in the game is designed beautifully as snow, white desert…

sprint hero 5

Sprint Hero is available on Appstore and Google Play. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have a fun time!