• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 74 MB
  • Date Updated: 18/06/2018

Sportmasters is a very entertaining game released by Playgendary. Players will be involved in baseball sports in this game. Especially you will use the cool penguins instead of the normal baseball. The game will bring the most fun moments for the player and release the heat of the summer as quickly as possible. Let’s find out about Sportmasters for Android and the simplest way to experience the game.

sportmasters 2


At the start of the game, the player becomes a polar bear. Your task is to use your stick and hit the penguins to become the best sports player. The gameplay is quite simple; you just touch the screen to control the character to do penguin action. The penguin will fly on a path made of snow without limits.

sportmasters 3

It will touch the ground and continue the journey with the help of a variety of different animals such as seals, bats … On the journey of penguins will appear a lot of gold coins. The game will not let you control the penguin to collect gold coins; it will automatically collect gold coins when moving to the position of those gold coins.

sportmasters 4

Upon completion of the game, the player will receive a bonus corresponding to the distance the penguin gains plus the gold coins you collect. You can use the bonus to upgrade power to your two lovely characters.

The game will have a lot of different upgrade options for players to choose from. You will achieve a much higher score when upgrading your characters. Also, skill is also a decisive factor to your score. Therefore, players need to train their control to achieve higher scores in the game.

sportmasters 5

Fun graphics

Sportmasters Mod Money have the fun 2D graphic design. The game has a bright and detailed graphics system. You will most clearly see all the obstacles on the penguin’s path and the penguin’s lovely actions. Sounds also make the player feel happy. You will not be able to stop laughing when you hear the hilarious sounds that penguins create when they collide with a variety of terrains and animals.

sportmasters 1


Sportmasters will be a perfect entertainment choice that you can not miss. The gameplay is quite familiar to the player; they will recognize this game quite similar to the game Yeti Summer games very famous in many years ago. However, if you want to experience the fun and fresh feeling when you can use our link to download the game as quickly as possible.