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  • Date Updated: 26/01/2018

Just two hours ago, received an official news from the Voodoo game maker, which will launch Splashy games around the world. Currently, the game has reached the charts on the App Store with a capacity of only 139 MB. Android users, have to wait a few more days to be able to download at CH Play. Like most Voodoo games, this is a simple but addictive sports game for everyone around the world. Now, let’s go to to find out what’s interesting about Splashy.

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Splashy Game Introduction

Splashy Apk is a very simple game that brings the fun to the players. When playing a game, you will feel extremely excited and amazed at what the game brings. Your task is to control the ball into circles on the phone screen. So the game requires the player to be fast and smart control so that the ball does not roll out. You must try to go as far to reach the highest score possible. As you go further, the speed of the ball increases and the harder it is to guess; you need to be more careful when moving.


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When playing Splashy Mod, your main task is to control the blue ball moving across the circles that appear on the phone screen. You need to move skillfully, try to eat yellow particles appear on the circle. Each time you eat them, your score will be multiplied by 2, multiplied by 3, even multiplied by 4 and it will increase very fast. But you always remember that you lose if you drop the ball.

How to move

To control and control the ball, you need to touch the ball to move the ball in the direction you want. Similar to other Voodoo games, Splashy Apk Mod has very simple gameplay, and controls are also easy to familiarize players quickly.

Download Splashy APK MOD V1.1.7 ENG version for Android/iOS – Voodoo

Picture and sound in game

Voodoo Producer was very interested in the game, by taking care of graphics for the game. With 2.5D graphics, Splashy for iOS has beautifully designed quality and bright colours to give you a sense of fun. Blue balls with multicoloured circles give the player a fun, fun experience while playing the game. Also, the sound of the game is also very lively with the theme music Fade. Players will have great moments when playing games.

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General comment

Splashy for Android is an extremely simple game that is extremely addictive to anyone. The game is sure to be popular shortly. If you are such a simple game lover, you can not miss Splashy. That would be a great choice for you at this time. Quickly download games on your iPhone or Android device. For those who use Android, has a File APK for you to download below. So, be sure to visit regularly to get some great games. Have fun to play games and support