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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 10.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 41 MB
  • Date Updated: 02/01/2019

In addition to complex games and require users to have more time to experience, there are many simple games for everyone to experience. Simple games now offer the necessary entertainment needs and don’t require a lot of time to get used to. Spindle! Released by Kwalee Ltd is a simple game and leaves a lot of good impressions for players at present. This is an interesting challenge along with an attractive control system that promises to bring unique and addictive experiences.

spindle 1

Attractive challenge

In Spindle! for iOS You will be in charge of controlling a shaft with two heads, and each end is a hexagon block with different colors. You will have to control wisely to overcome the obstacles of the game and ensure the safety of 2 hexagon blocks on the shaft. You will have to control the rotating axis continuously to avoid obstacles and overcome the challenges of each level.

spindle 2

With a diverse level system, you will have the opportunity to experience unexpected challenges with many interesting obstacles. The obstacles are arranged in different sizes and shapes; they will appear continuously on your way. Players will have to quickly control the spindle wisely to overcome obstacles. The obstacles are randomly arranged according to each level and do not follow a certain rule. So you will experience many unexpected challenges. Accurate judgment and control will help you complete the levels quickly.

Spindle! – Dodge the blocks!

Interesting controls

To control spindle, simply touch the left or right side of the device’s screen to adjust the direction of rotation. Touch the left or right of the screen to rotate in different directions to safely overcome obstacles. Pay attention to the obstacles to make reasonable adjustments and complete the tasks required. The control system is easy to use, and you will not take much time to get acquainted and ready to experience the unique challenges of the game.

spindle 3


Is a simple game, Spindle! APK Mod There are simple 2D graphics. The most prominent feature in the game’s image system is the obstacles with many sizes and impressive shapes. The obstacles with interesting shapes will help the challenges become more attractive. The colors and interface of the game are arranged and coordinated harmoniously, bringing unique things to make the player’s experience more interesting.

spindle 4

Final evaluation

Compared to other simple games, Spindle! Stand out with endless and addictive challenges. Although there is no outstanding image quality, very interesting gameplay gives players great entertainment moments. To be able to experience these endless challenges, use the sharing link at the bottom of the article to download and install more easily.