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  • Platforms: Android 3.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 19 MB
  • Date Updated: 08/05/2018

Are you looking for an entertaining game that possesses unique and exciting styles? Spike City will be the answer that will satisfy all your wishes; the game is released by Nitrome developer. Players will be involved in an accelerated world, the speed of all objects will determine their survival. The character you will control is no exception, you will have to escape the deadly and dangerous pitfalls with its transcendental speed. With unique platformer-style gameplay, the game will give players a lot of unique and exciting experience. Let’s learn about Spike City.

spike city 5

Unique gameplay

At the start of Spike City Mod Money, the player controls a small and lovely character. Your task is to help your character escape the maze with a lot of traps. A virtual space with many challenges awaits you in the forefront. Players will perform swipe gestures to control the direction of movement for their character.

spike city 4

With the very simple play, any age can participate in this game. In the infinite maze, you will control your character moving through different terrain types; your character will only be able to move in a vertical or horizontal line. It will stop until the touch and the terrain, you will have to move skillfully to avoid the blade or rock that is threatening the life of his character at any time. Also, you will have to confront the melting sea of lava that is slowly rising.

spike city 3

Spike City Android/iOS Gameplay

The game is really hard; players will need to master their character and handle the cleverest way to achieve high scores. In addition, you can collect gold coins in your journey. You can use these gold coins to buy new character types. New characters will come in a variety of shapes and play the same way. Players will be more excited when they own new characters in the next turn.

spike city 2

Cool graphics 2D design

Spike City for Android owns a very unique 2D graphic design. Characters and scenery around are displayed very clearly and in detail. Players will observe all the pitfalls and terrain in the game in the most obvious way. Sounds when your character performs the dance moves described very lively and fun.

spike city 1

You can download the game here

Spike City for iOS will be a top entertainment game, because of its simple gameplay and fun graphics system. Players will have the most fun and comfortable moments when joining this game. Want to try Spike City’s accelerated world? You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.