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Are you feeling bored with the games that are on the market today? These games make you tired and constantly focus too long on the phone screen? Too high graphics sometimes make you feel uncomfortable due to constant observation and eye strain? Today, I would like to introduce to you a completely new game and go against most games on the market today. The game was developed by SHMUP HOLIC company earlier this year. Although the game was released a short time ago, the game has gained hundreds of downloads along with a lot of positive reviews of the players. Let’s explore Space War 2D Pixel Retro Shooter now!

space war 1

Introduction to Space War

SHMUP HOLIC – the producer of the game, has been very popular with players thanks to the game of fighters. The company has some products have been quite successful in the market can be referred to as Stellar Shooter, Galaxy Spiral Shooter – Danmaku Space Shooter, Endless Shooter … The latest product of the company is Space War also received is quite a lot of praise from the players. This is a space shooter game with classic 2D pixel graphics. It will bring you a lot of interesting things. The current game only supports the Android operating system, so those who are using iOS must wait sometime before the official game is supported.

space war 5

How to play

Space War 2D Pixel Retro Shooter for iOS is a space combat game. You will be in control of a very modern aircraft and to the distant planets in the universe. Your task is to destroy all the monsters you see along the way. You will have to move very skillfully to dodge obstacles and shoot down other monsters. At the end of each level of play, you will be confronted by monsters that are Horrible – Bosses. This is a very difficult challenge that very few players can overcome. Each level of play, you will have the opportunity to unlock more special aircraft with much greater power. Are you ready to fight now?

space war 3

Space War – Retro Shooter Android iOS Gameplay


Space War 2D Pixel Retro Shooter for Android is equipped with classic 2D pixel graphics. But what you get is very unexpected, every detail in the game is expressed. You will be immersed in fierce air battles. Simple in-game graphics make for a great gaming experience.

space war 2

Main feature

– Simple ship control, just touch and hold the screen to control the warships wherever you want
– Many different fighters, varied for you to choose and explore
– You can upgrade your fighter
– Multiple levels for you to conquer
– The 2D graphics are simple but still very eye-catching

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General comment

Space War APK Download is a good choice for those who are looking for a classic graphics game for fun and nostalgia. You can download and play the game for free by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!