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  • Date Updated: 06/03/2018

If you are a regular player on mobile devices then surely you will know the famous game company Ketchapp. This is a game company famous for the game quality games excel, but the gameplay and graphics are quite simple. Recently, the company continues to introduce its next product to the user named Space Snake. This is a space snake game, and like most of the other games of this company, the game promises to bring players a great experience. Currently, you can download games on Google Play and the App Store at only 38Mb. Join to find out what’s hot in the game below!

Download Space Snake APK Mod Gems/No Ads

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Introduction to Space Snake

Space Snake APK Download is a fun 3D simulation game with a unique and exciting gameplay that players will quickly be fascinated. Ketchapp is a pioneer in the creation of simple-to-play games, but still attracts a large number of players by playing a special game. Space Snake is no exception. The game promises to be very successful in the coming time and is a product that you should not miss at the beginning of 2018.

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Simple and attractive way to play

Space Snake Mod Gems brings you a simple but very difficult task. You will have to control a snake with different colours and try to overcome the obstacles on the screen. This is an endless long road, and lots of different pitfalls await you ahead. These pitfalls are random and so unexpected that you need to reflect fast to avoid them. The more difficult the game is, the faster the snake will run faster and harder to control. This will make it easy for you to collide obstacles along the way.

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Manufacturers are always trying to optimize the control in the game as simple as possible and Space Snake Mod No Ads too. You just touch and drag to control your snake through the obstacles and traps on the way. You will quickly become familiar with this control. That’s why people of all ages can play games easily. But be careful because you can die at any time. Along the way, you need to try to collect the pieces to increase the snake’s length. Also, there are a lot of gemstones that appear in the way that you can unlock new beautiful snakes.

download space snake for android

How to disable in-game ads

Almost all of Ketchapp’s games are full of ads. This makes a lot of players uncomfortable by playing the ads suddenly appear. To disable these ads, just turn off the Wifi connection or mobile connections such as 3g and 4g. Just take a simple step so that you can completely remove all ads and still be able to play normal games. Or you could drop $ 0.99 for the manufacturer to turn off the feature in their product.

Space Snake Android/iOS Snake Games Free by Ketchapp Games

Graphics and sound

Download Space Snake is quite simple, so it does not require graphics to be excellent. The game is only equipped with 2D graphics but still provides players with good visual quality, good looking and eye-catching. Everything from images, interfaces to effects is designed in great detail. Besides the simple graphics, the sound in the game is also very interesting. You will find the soundtrack in the game very good and help your mood is much better. You will have a great gaming experience.

download space snake

General comment

Space Snake for Android is a simple yet highly addictive game. People of all ages can play and love this game. If you are looking for a lightweight game to play after hours of hard work and study, this is a great choice for you. You can download the game via the link below. I wish you a good day!