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  • Platforms: Android 4.5 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 23/03/2018

You are a lover of action and strategy games; you will not be able to miss Space Commander game. Space Commander is released by DAYDREAM GAMES LIMITED, a new action and tactics game. The game takes place in a modern context; Space Commander promises to bring players the most exciting and unique experience. Let’s find out about Space Commander.


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Space Commander Mod Diamonds takes place in an imaginary future; you will be the driver of the modern spaceship. One day, your spacecraft encounters strange creatures outside the Plaza and Zec namespaces. These creatures are very dangerous; they will attack and destroy all other creatures. You have the task of leading others and taking part in this war; you have to win for humanity so that humanity can survive the threat of dangerous creatures outside space.

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Gameplay and features

When you join Space Commander for Android, your mission is to lead your army and destroy all enemies from space. Each battle has a limited amount of time; you need to kill the enemy fastest to be able to win. You can summon your army with cards. Also, these cards can give you different strengths, such as missiles, cannons, shields, etc. Each card after use will have a cooldown, so you need to calculate it carefully, to properly use these tags. You can choose where your troops appear on the map of the game.

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After each battle, you will receive a reward card, use this card to upgrade and strengthen your army. At the first difficulty level, you will have a hard time dealing with enemies. You can buy the game’s new pack, which will increase your army’s power instantly, and you will easily overcome the initial difficulty levels. In higher difficulty levels, you will be able to pass easily, thanks to the cards you get after the first match. Players need to be patient and set the right tactics, to overcome the higher difficulty levels.

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Space Commander APK Mod Unlimited Diamonds

Space Commander for iOS has a variety of unique game modes such as PvP, Special Mission, Chaos Arena. Players will have more challenges, to be able to overcome and accumulate his experience. In PvP mode, you will be fighting with other players around the world in a real-time battle. You need to set the strategy and arrange the team perfectly, to overcome the other players.

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Graphics and sound

Download Space Commander owns 3D graphics design is very impressive and beautiful. The war weapon in the game is very modern design; explosive effects look great and eye-catching. You will feel like watching a movie about factional warfare. The sound in the game is also impressive; sound effects depict explosions and the sound of weapons in the battle very honest.


Space Commander Mod Unlimited Diamonds is a highly addictive tactical and action game. With the fictional war scene, unique and exciting gameplay, the game has many new features. Impressive image and sound design. You are a fan of fictional war movies; you can not ignore Space Commander. The game is currently available on the Google Play and App Store, or you can download Space Commander using the link below the article.