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Soul of Hunter is a very popular ARPG action game released by NetEase. Currently, the game has an official version for players to experience. Since July 2017, the video has appeared as well as pictures of the game. This is what NetEase did to promote their upcoming game, Soul of Hunter. At the hands of NetEase, Soul of Hunter for Android shows that it has a very strong attraction under the magical hands of the publisher. At that time, gamers around the world were feverish because of the charismatic trailer of the game, promising to be a hit in the gaming market when it was released. And until now, the game has been officially released to gamers around the world.

Download Soul of Hunter Apk Mod for Android/iOS

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Almost in the current game market, ARPG games have a science fiction style with monsters outside the planet. But with Soul of Hunter for iOS, the game is set in a mysterious Western world, where huge monsters are endangering human life. More than ever, the world needs a true hero who can save humanity. It is you; you will shoulder in that huge role is to destroy all these monsters to bring peace to the people around the world.

Interesting gameplay

Soul of Hunter Apk Mod is not much different from the other games of the same genre, but it is a fun and addictive game where you can kill people and monsters. Gamers are not bound to anything in the game. The difference in the game compared to other games of the same category is that you will not need to repeat the task, which you can arbitrarily program the tasks in the game as you like. Also, by building up your desired upgrade strategy by completing missions to earn bonuses, weapons and more. Gamers can choose between two main modes, PvE or PvP, regardless of the level of your character.

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Like the plot of the game, your task is to destroy huge monsters to rescue the earth with their own weapons. When you enter the game, you will face 13 monsters, they are ready to tear you right away. Each time through the game, the number of monsters increased gradually. Once you have defeated them, you will collect rare items. These items will help you upgrade your skills and weapons. So, the producer called it “Hunting Souls.”

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The most difficult thing for you in the process of destroying monsters is that they have completely different power, so you can not predict them, they can only be killed by dangerous weapons. So, the game brings you a powerful tool that is “True Vision” – an eye to see the monsters, you will know the weakness of each monster, through which to find the best way to finish them off. The game is very diverse regarding both graphics and power; you need to know the tactics thoroughly before the battle if you do not want the monsters defeated. The power of the weapon is only a part; your skills are also very important.

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Another great feature of Soul of Hunter Mod is that you can chat by voice with friends. There is also a chat room and social networking system where all players around the world can exchange gaming experiences. Also, the NPC in the game guides you very enthusiastic and thoughtful as a companion to gamers in the process of rescuing the earth. You will quickly get to know the game modes as well as how easy it is thanks to this NPC system.

The Soul of Hunter Gameplay Android – iOS 3D MMORPG

Very impressive 3D graphics

Not only the role-playing game and action appeal, but Soul of Hunter also made gamers praise the high-end 3D graphics and extremely sharp. Thanks to the new generation of game development technology, all the images, scenery or skills in the game are extremely vivid, giving the player moments that can not be better. In particular, monsters in the game are also focused manufacturers; they are designed in detail and eye-catching. It can be said that this is a strength of the game that few games in the market can match.

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Download The Soul of Hunter for the device

According to NetEase, the company took three years to complete the game. That shows that the company invested heavily in this game. You can see the game is great because the gameplay and graphics in the game are invested a lot. Click on the link below to download the game on your device. Have fun playing with friends and relatives.