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  • Date Updated: 17/03/2018

If you are a true gamer, surely you will know the two largest mobile game developers in the world – SEGA and Gameloft. This year, two well-known producers will work together to create an exciting game called Sonic Runners Adventure. You can register to play the game by visiting the link below. You will have a great experience.

Sonic Runners Adventure APK Mod Money

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Sonic Runners Adventure Introduction

Sonic Runners Adventure Mod Money gives you the chance to meet the famous hedgehog – Sonic’s best friend. After completing the missions, you have the chance to unlock many well-known celebrities like Badtz Maru, Hello Kitty, Chococat and My Melody. The game was inspired by the game Sonic Dash which was too famous for players. But the game has also changed a lot in both the story and the character system, so you will still have a new experience while playing the game.

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Sonic Runner Adventure is quite similar to Sonic Dash. Your task is to control the character Sonic with the other characters across the path that is full of different obstacles and towards the end. You need to try to eat as many gold coins as possible to unlock new characters and the attractive equipment on the way. In the game, you have to run nonstop until you reach the finish line. You need to shake your phone to steer the characters overcoming the obstacles. Besides, there are many enemies on the way, so be careful.

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When you play to higher levels, your character will also run faster. This makes controlling the character very difficult. Obstacles appear randomly, so you have to be very alert and quickly avoid them. There are useful gadgets that appear on the way to help you such as accelerator boxes or magnets … The games will calculate your score and sync up the game server. The player with the highest score of the week will receive the most rewards. Additionally, do not forget that the Sonic hedgehog has an inner power, so you can use this power to fend off any enemies. He also helps you jump higher and run faster.

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Sonic Runners Adventure APK Update v1.0 Mod

In Sonic Runners Adventure for Android, you will encounter a serious enemy with Sonic – Zazz. He is a vicious enemy who always wants to defeat Sonic. Your task is to dodge his attacks and kick him away. Many dangers are waiting for you in the front, so you discover by yourself. A feature that many players love is that you can play online with your friends. You will play with them to see who is the best.

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Graphics in the game

Download Sonic Runners Adventure is equipped with beautiful 3D graphics. You will see that the actions of the characters are very smooth and vivid. The characters are also very funny.

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General comment

Currently, you can subscribe to games on both iOS and Android. The game will surely get much success at the beginning of 2018. Regularly visit to get the latest news of Sonic Runners Adventure Mod. Have a nice day!