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  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 55 MB
  • Date Updated: 12/08/2019

As everyone knows, Pinball is a unique game, and it is associated with the childhood of many different generations. This unique game gives people a lot of fun and requires players to create their outstanding achievements. To do that, players need to have a good ability to observe and control wisely to create high scores. From the fascinating content of this game, Sebastian Barrotta producer created a fascinating Pinball challenge of their own. And it’s called Soccer Pinball Pro; this new and addictive game is now available on App Store.

Soccer Pinball Pro 1

Many unique challenges for players

Soccer Pinball Pro for iOS brings new content and simple challenges. Instead of moving the ball across different areas on the map to score more points. You need a simple control to get the ball through the obstacles on the way and score many different goals into the opponent’s net. Besides, your challenges will be done according to different matches, and each match will have its requirements for you to complete. From there, you can comfortably relax anywhere when you are free.

Soccer Pinball Pro2

Exciting gameplay

The map system will be built corresponding to a miniature football field and provide you with two joysticks on either side of the device’s screen to help you make the shots. At the top of the screen will be prepared a goal and many different players to prevent you from scoring more points. Each match will require you to achieve different scores to complete the task. Therefore, you need to perform many accurate and fast shots to complete the tasks. However, the number of players that appear on the map and their position will be constantly changed, which will make it difficult for you.

Soccer Pinball Pro for Android/iOS – Gameplay

If you want to score a lot of points, you need to be calm to perform the correct shots and overcome the obstacles that appear on the map. In particular, the number of obstacles appearing on the map will increase over time. Also, some obstacles can automatically move. Therefore, you must carefully observe the movement of the obstacles to make many good blows. Besides overcoming obstacles, you also need to try to control the ball within the allowable range and prevent them from falling out of the game field.

Soccer Pinball Pro4

Recording different scores help you to create your outstanding achievements. From there, you can unlock and use many different balls in the game. Each ball will be designed with colors and decorated with various motifs. Therefore, you will not be bored and ready to collect many balls with beautiful designs.


Soccer Pinball Pro is a gentle but attractive game. The exciting tasks of the game will give everyone a great time to relax. With a simple design from image to motion, it has a small size (55.6 MB), and people can freely set up to relax on many different types of devices.