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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 18 MB
  • Date Updated: 19/04/2018

Are you a football fan? Want to find a simple game to entertain after hours of work and study tired? So I would like to introduce to you a game that is very simple but addictive gameplay. That is Soccer Mania. Come to the game; you will be participating in the game very simple but very interesting. The game was produced by 707 INTERACTIVE in early April. Although the new release a short time but the game received a lot of positive reviews from players. Let’s explore the attractions in this game!

soccer mania 1

About the game

Soccer Mania is a soccer game with many players with simple gameplay, great physics effects. This is where you will be competing with many other players in the world and have the opportunity to become the best team in the world. You can join the biggest tournaments in the world.

soccer mania 2

Now you can play with your friends and relatives through an internet connection. This is a great game that you should not miss this summer. Are you ready to conquer all tournaments?

soccer mania 3

How to play

Soccer Mania for iOS is quite simple but very addictive. You will be controlling the ball on the field and trying to put it into the opponent’s goal. But do not think it is simple, this is a very difficult task because your opponent is also very smart. To win is not easy. This makes the game attractive. When you lose, you always feel that you can do better, which makes you want to play the game again.

soccer mania 4

Attractive features

– Fight 1v1 with players around the world
– Play with only one device. A great feature that not all games have
– Play online with other players
– Unlock new challenges
– The physical elements are very real
– The game system is easy to customize according to your preferences
– The game is simple but fun
– Easily practice your skills in the single-player mode
– People of all ages can play games easily

Soccer Mania for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Soccer Mania for Android is simple to play, so it does not require graphics too high. The game is only equipped with 2D graphics but what you get is great. Your actions in the game are very smooth.

soccer mania 5


Soccer Mania is a simple, addictive game that you should not miss this summer. Play with your friends and relatives for a great time together. Visit the link below to download the game. Have fun playing the game!