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  • Platforms: iOS 7.0 or later
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  • File size: 143 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/06/2018

Today, we will introduce you to a new entertainment game launched in June this year called Soccer Kick, a game released by the famous producer Voodoo. This is a football game launched to respond to World Cup 2018. Voodoo wants to release this game during the 2018 World Cup to attract the attention of many players around the world. With simple and highly addictive gameplay, the game promises to bring players the most unique and exciting experience. Let’s find out about Soccer Kick for iOS.

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Simple gameplay

When entering the game, the player becomes a soccer player. Your task is to control the character who performs the shooting action to take the ball away as far as possible. Also, when the ball starts touching the ground and rolling, the player can use his finger to perform a swipe on either side of the screen to control the direction of the ball. You can control the ball to jump up by doing the touch action. Your ball will go a lot further if you use these movements properly.

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The game will also have certain obstacles to stop players like the mud, you need to control your ball away from the muddy areas otherwise your ball will stop very quickly. The game will have a lot of different levels of difficulty for the player to pass, each level of difficulty will take you to a famous place in the world with his ball. You can shoot your soccer ball through famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the statue of liberty, the big ben…

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Soccer Kick by Voodoo for iOS – Gameplay

With each shot, you will receive a reward corresponding to the distance you reach. You will use the bonus to upgrade Power, Bounce and Offline $$. Power will help you increase your shooting power and take the ball further after each upgrade. Bounce will increase the number of turns of the ball when it hits the ground and you can master this. Offline $$ will allow players to receive bonuses when they are offline, you do not have to be online often to make money with the shot.

soccer kick 3

Simple graphics

Soccer Kick APK Download has a very simple 3D graphic design. The details of the surroundings in the game such as home, yard … are designed quite sharp and clear with bright colours. Your ball is displayed very clearly so that you can control it in the most reasonable way in the game. The sound of the fans when the players put the ball into the net will make them feel more excited.

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Soccer Kick is a highly addictive entertainment game. You can still satisfy your passion for soccer by being unique in this game. Can you shoot your ball with a distance of 20,000m?