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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 14/03/2019

In races, drift skills are always attractive to viewers. To achieve the most accurate and perfect drift movements, you need to have good concentration and control. If you are looking for games that have a unique drift challenge, Snow Drift is an engaging game that you should not miss. The game is released by SayGames, and you can use our link to participate in the experience.

snow drift 2

Impressive technique

Drift is one of the outstanding driving skills in the racing genre, to control cars over dangerous bends you need to implement Drift techniques. Also, this technique also brings many attractive images for players to enjoy when participating in challenges. With Snow Drift for iOS, you will be comfortable experiencing this unique skill in unique missions. Drive your car and perform Drift techniques continuously to get more bonuses and complete the mission.

snow drift 3

Fun mission

In the game maps, snow blocks appear and hinder everyone’s track. And there aren’t any tools to clean up those big snow blocks around. Therefore, you will use your car to perform the cleaning task. So how to clean up those big snow blocks? To clean up the snow blocks, you will control the car and perform Drift techniques continuously. With this exciting skill, snow blocks will be cleaned up quickly.

Snow Drift! for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Many levels to experience

Snow Drift APK Mod has many different levels of difficulty for players to join. Each level will be built with different maps for you to experience. Also, the size of snow blocks will gradually increase with each level. Therefore, you need smart and agile controls to complete the challenges. Snow blocks will be arranged in many different areas of the map. You need to move skillfully to be able to clear all the snow blocks on the map.

snow drift 4

Various types of cars for use

There are many different types of cars that will appear in the game for you to perform Drift technique. You can choose sedans or trucks when passing the difficult level. A lot of interesting cars are waiting for you to unlock and use in the challenges of the game. To unlock new cars, you need lots of bonuses. You will receive the bonus after completing each level. Collect lots of bonuses and go through many different levels to unlock new cars.

snow drift 1

In general

With an interesting challenge and simple control system, Snow Drift will bring a lot of fun experiences for players. Overall, this is a fascinating game and helps players to easily relax in a short time. Share this exciting game with friends so everyone can relax and have more fun.