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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
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  • Date Updated: 24/07/2018

Specialist soldiers protect the people in the most difficult situations. They are equipped with modern weapons to accomplish dangerous missions and do not need help from others. There are a lot of people who want to be a special soldier, but they do not have the means to join forces. Therefore, game makers have brought us a lot of games to talk about this particular force. Sniper Strike Ops is one of the role-playing games about the special forces; this game was released by Million games producer. You will have the unique experience when becoming a special soldier in this game.

sniper strike ops 2

Dangerous task

You will join a group of special forces in this game. You will perform the dangerous tasks that your superiors give and finish them perfectly. Each task in the game will be a difficult level; players will face many different challenges to be able to complete the task. Also, the task system of the game is also arranged in levels from easy to difficult so that players can easily adapt to the game. You will have to destroy all enemies on the map of the game to complete the mission; enemies can appear at any time and harm you. Therefore, players need to be alert and use the most accurate operation to kill the enemy quickly.

sniper strike ops 3

Control system

Like other role-playing games, you will easily get used to the game’s control system. The game’s control system is very well optimized for the player to use. But if you want to be a good soldier in this game, it’s not easy. You will have to control your character most skillfully and use all the senses to kill enemies quickly.

sniper strike ops 4

Weapon system

Sniper Strike Ops APK Download has a variety of weapon systems, with various weapons such as sniper rifles, SMG guns, and so on. These weapons will have a different advantage that players need to understand. You can upgrade your weapons to make them stronger. If you use your weapon in the most reasonable way, you will accomplish the task more quickly.

Sniper Strike Ops for Android/iOS – Gameplay


The 3D graphics of the game are highly appreciated by players. Players can easily observe a large area with a third view. Besides, the game’s sound system also Simulated as in real life, so players have the most realistic experience.

sniper strike ops 1


Compared to other role-playing games on the market today, Sniper Strike Ops is not a new style game. But the player still has the most enjoyable experience when becoming a special soldier and completing the difficult task in this game. Currently, the game is available on Google Play and App Store. You can experience this game easily.