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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • File size: 72 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/04/2018

Are you looking for a completely new of shooting game with the new gameplay? Sniper Shooter Blocky Hitman will be an excellent choice for you; the game is developed by Pixel Royale. Players will play as a killer, performing various assassination missions and show off your shooting skills. The game promises to bring players the unique and exciting experience, let’s get to know more about Sniper Shooter Blocky Hitman.

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A silent assassin

At the start, the player destroys various targets as a killer. You are equipped with a long range rifle. Your task is to kill the target and not let him escape. You use all your shooting skills to shot your target as quickly as possible. Each task will be a different difficulty level, in the first task, you will be able to easily defeat your target because the terrain is not too complex and the number of enemies is less.

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In higher difficulty levels, players will face more challenges; the map has a lot of complex terrain such as tall buildings, bridges … It’s difficult for players to choose a good place to kill the target. The number of enemies will be greatly increased, and players will find it difficult to reach the target easily. Besides, you can play in your own gameplay, but killing silently is still the most effective way for players to complete tasks in the fastest way.

The weapons system in the game is very diverse; players can use the bonus that they receive after completing the tasks to buy new weapons for themselves. The game has a variety of weapons such as sniper rifles, rifles, pistols … This will create new feelings for players as they perform different tasks.

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The game controls are intuitive and easy to use. You control your character by the virtual keys in the left corner of the screen. You control your character to perform actions such as shoot, aim, Reload …by the virtual keys on the right of the screen. Players will easily enjoy the game because the design of the control system is easy to use.

Pixel-style 3D graphics and realistic sound

Sniper Shooter Blocky Hitman APK Download is designed with pixel-style 3D graphics. The characters in the game are designed very clearly, and in detail, the surroundings are displayed very crisply in pixel style. The sound of the weapons in the battle is described very realistically; players will feel like they are participating in a real fight.

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Sniper Shooter Blocky Hitman for iOS will be a game for fans of killer characters in popular blockbusters. With unique and innovative gameplay, a variety of weapons systems, classic pixel style graphics, players will experience being a real killer in the game; you can download the game via the link below the article.