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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.4 or later
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  • Date Updated: 05/04/2018

Are you looking for a new and exciting shooting game? Sniper American Survival Craft will be your answer, this game is another version of the famous game Minecraft and was released by the producer WabGame. You will take on the role of a soldier of the SSGT, challenges, and dangers awaiting you. Let’s learn about Sniper American Survival Craft.

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The world in Sniper American Survival Craft for iOS has happened many wars lasting more than a decade. Countries are participating in the war and scrambling for land. Hunger, epidemics, and casualties are everywhere; people are suffering and angry when the war lasts too long. A mighty nation has successfully crafted their new destructive weapon, which will use this destructive weapon in the war to destroy hostile nations. You will be engaged in the secret mission of the SSGT, to destroy that dangerous weapon and rescue the world from the brink of extinction.

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How to play

When you join the game you will be playing a special soldier in the SSGT team; your task is to kill all the enemies that prevent you. Each task is a level of difficulty; you will have to deftly find ways to destroy the target properly, the enemy is the terrorists and the army of the empire. The game’s control system is very well optimized, but the system is completely different from the games of the same genre. You control your character using the virtual key on the bottom right corner of the screen, you control the character to perform the jump action, run, shoot with the virtual key in the right corner of the screen.


In addition, the game has a mini-map located at the top left of the screen, players will be able to see the enemy is moving on the map and create a plan to destroy them, your character will carry In a variety of weapons, you must use these weapons in the most reasonable and effective way possible. After each level of difficulty, you will receive bonuses; you use the money to buy different weapons in the shop of the game.

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The weapon system in the game is very diverse as flashbang, rifle, submachine gun, pistol, Grenade Launcher, Sniper … Weapons will play different roles and help you complete the difficult task. You can also equip your weaponry with accessories such as viewfinders, muzzles, and handles to increase your combat ability and weapon strength.

Graphics and sound

Sniper American Survival Craft for Android owns the traditional Pixel-style 3D graphics, character and environment that is similar to the original Minecraft version. The sound of the guns and explosions in the battle is described in great detail. You will feel like being involved in a real battle.

You can download the game here

Sniper American Survival Craft APK Download is a Minecraft-style shooting game, with a new way of playing, interesting storylines, and extremely diverse weapon systems. You will not be able to miss such a fascinating shooting game, take on secret missions and bring peace to the world, are you ready? You can download the game using the link below the article.