The mobile game maker has been very successful recently with a number of hot games on both App Store and Google Play. To continue this success, the company continues to release the next game called Snake VS Block. The game was available on both market applications with 72.3MB. This will be an addictive game for many players and promises to be a can-not-miss game this year. Now let find out what attractive the game has.

Download Snake VS Block Apk v1.19 by Voodoo Mod Full

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Snake VS Block Introduction

Download Snake VS Block is a solid control game. Especially, the snake is grafted by different spheres. The game is very simple and addictive. There are many games on the market today that have complex gameplay, eye-catching graphics that give you a lot of headaches when playing. So, many people find such simple games to have the best leisure and relaxing times. Therefore, Snake VS Block is loved by a lot of gamers because of its simple play.


download snake vs block for android apk

Snake VS Block for Android requires you to use your finger and your skillfully to control your snake and move through the obstacles on the phone screen. At first, it will be easy for you to do this, but as you snake get older, the bigger your snake is, the harder you get. This requires you to dodge the big obstacles and try to eat the balls that appear on the screen to grow. These balls are hard to eat, especially when you have to move at fast speed and the obstacles appear regularly. Each obstacle has the different number; you need to find the number of obstacles smaller than the number of balls in the snake to be able to pierce. If you stab a cell with numbers that is greater than the snake’s number, you lose and start again.

Simple game control

download snake vs block for android

Snake VS Block for iOS has quite simple controls. Just touch the screen and move the snake to turn left or right as you want. You have to be clever to eat the ball and avoid the obstacles. As your snake grow more, you need to concentrate more to survive. You must be a very smart and sophisticated person to be able to play well with Snake VS Block.

Download Snake VS Block (By Voodoo) MOD APK V1.19 for Android

Graphics and sound in the game

Snake VS Block Apk is equipped with quite simple graphics – 2D, but the images in the game are very practical. The snake in the game is simulated by the ball. The obstacles are the squares designed lovely to be easy to see. You can experience the game smoothly. Besides, the sound in the game is funny and lively. You have nothing to complain about while playing the game.

General comment

download snake vs block

Snake VS Block Mod is a simple game for those who are looking for a lightweight game to entertain. Players will have fun moments when playing Snake VS Block. You can download the game for free on both iOS and Android. You can also click on the link below to download the game now. I wish you a happy day.