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  • Date Updated: 28/06/2019

Summer is a time of extreme weather (intense sun). To relieve stress at this time, people often choose to relax at the water park. Here, everyone will enjoy a fun entertainment space with many different games and be comfortable immersing in cool water streams. In particular, water parks often have unique water slide games and create comfort for everyone.

slippery slides 2

From the familiar games of life, Crazy Labs by TabTale has created a new challenge for everyone. This unique challenge is called Slippery Slides. Instead of enjoying the usual water slide games, you have the opportunity to participate in attractive water skiing races. You and many others will have to compete together to find the best skater. The water skier with the shortest travel time will win. Are you ready to explore this fascinating water slide race?

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Addictive game

You will discover many unique chutes with different travel distances in Slippery Slides for iOS. You will be arranged to compete with eight other players. These waterslides provide comfort and comfort for people. Therefore, it has no limited time when participating in challenges. Besides, it also has easy-to-use control operations, and you will easily get used to it in a short time.

Slippery Slides – Slide Fast or Finish Last

To overcome the competition and win the races, you must keep your hands on the screen of the device. Then, drag to the left or right to move. In races, you need to keep your movement speed high and stable. Therefore, you need to avoid colliding with other competitors. If you collide with other opponents, your movement speed will be reduced. And other opponents can easily overcome you to win.

slippery slides 4

In addition to avoiding collisions with other opponents, on the way, there are boosters to help you increase your movement speed. Boosters will be arranged in different locations along the way. From there, you must have scientific controls to use boosters. Successfully using boosters continuously, will help you create far-reaching distances from the rest of your opponents. And make sure to win for yourself.


In addition to simple content, the manufacturer has designed many levels for people to experience continuously without feeling bored. Each level will be prepared with different paths. The higher the level, the farther and more complicated the distance traveled. Therefore, players need stable and skillful controls to defeat many other opponents. In particular, each level will use a separate color system to bring new images and create comfort for everyone.

slippery slides 1

Beautiful character

To create many exciting races, Slippery Slides also possesses a unique character system. Each character of the game will have beautiful costumes and accessories for you to collect. The costumes and accessories are built with a variety of beautiful colors and fancy shapes. For example, swimming float has new colors and patterns.