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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 36 MB
  • Date Updated: 29/05/2018

If you regularly follow our articles then surely know the game is simple and addictive game. In the present game market, there are many such games that are getting a lot of positive reviews from users. In particular, the two publishers Voodoo and Ketchapp continuously launch the game simple and attractive to help players have a relaxing time extremely comfortable. Recently, a new publisher called tastypill has just released Sling Drift and promises to create the fever in the future. While not as popular and as appealing as Voodoo and Ketchapp publishers, tastypill publishers also have some popular games such as Flappy Fire, Impossible Bottle Flip and 99 Arrows. These are catchy games and get a lot of downloads on the App Store and Google Play. So you can rest assured about the gameplay and graphic design of Sling Drift APK Download.

sling drift 2

Currently, Sling Drift for Android is being distributed officially and completely free on both Android and iOS. You can download the game via Google Play and App Store, or visit the link below to quickly download the game. According to the information we received, the game was released on May 25 and quickly gained a lot of attention from players around the world.

sling drift 1

Specifically, in just two days, the game quickly placed 50,000 downloads and 1,200 reviews on Google Play. This is a very impressive number that all game publishers want. So let’s learn more about this game.

sling drift 3

Drift art

Just like the name of the game, coming to Sling Drift for iOS you will become a professional racer and continually perform delectable drift to overcome the difficult road. Of course, when you join the game, you will have to cross a path with lots of curves and dangers. Your task is to make beautiful Drift phase to score many points.

Sling Drift for Android/iOS –  GamePlay

However, very lucky, at the curves you will be supported by a cock. Take advantage of those fountains to make the drifting phase difficult. Also, the track of Sling Drift APK is endless and will not stop. The game only ends when the car encounters an accident and can not continue. After crossing the curve lines, you will get the corresponding points and money. You can use that money to unlock new cars in the game’s store system.

sling drift 4

Simple graphics

Simple and addictive games often have very simple graphic designs, and players can easily do it. Perhaps it was a simple graphic design that made the game a success. The images are designed to be minimalist enough to enable the game to work well on most devices on the market.

sling drift 5

Download the game

If you are interested in these reviews, then download the game from the link below. Sling Drift is available on both Android and iOS platforms. So you can enjoy the game and install it on your device. Take part in the game and perform the ultimate drift phase to win this game.