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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 31 MB
  • Date Updated: 29/11/2018

Sling and Jump is an addictive game with easy-to-understand gameplay produced by Geisha Tokyo, Inc. The game is very simple; it is a combination of two elements are sling and jump, you will join the game with many unexpected challenges. This fun game is rated well on App Store and Googleplay with thousands of downloads. The game meets the minimum entertainment needs of everyone in daily life: light and cheerful game for a hard working day.

sling and jump 1

Sling and Jump

Have you combined sling and jump in the same action? If not, then you should experience Sling and Jump APK Mod to discover this exciting action. In the game you will have to sling and jump through many obstacles in the game, these obstacles are high walls. You need to avoid the walls and move to the last position in the game, if you collide with these walls you will have to play again. The content of the game is very simple so you will easily control the game. To overcome the wall you just touch and release your finger on the screen of the device when playing the game. Go through the walls and make nice acrobatic moves to make the game more exciting.

Sling and Jump – Reach the goal using a sling!

When you experience the game, you will be involved in many different levels of the game or can overcome many of the daily tasks in the game’s DAILY section. The additional challenges in DAILY section of the game will help you get many impressive achievements and a beautiful crown of the game. Complete the challenges that the game requires to unlock many beautiful and adorable characters of the game. With 19 different characters in the game, the game has many interesting and addictive activities. Completing the challenge and collecting beautiful characters is a daily challenge that you can experience in various stages of the game.

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Sling and Jump for iOS have normal 2D graphics and stable motion. The game is simply designed, so the picture quality of the game is very good. The level in the game is pretty simple with some simple changes to make the difference of each stage in the game. The visual elements and details in the game have not changed much but still, satisfy the fun of playing the game.

sling and jump 3

An interesting game that you should not ignore

Sling and Jump is a fun game with simple graphics and brings a lot of relaxation experience for everyone. The game has the perfect content and quality for people to entertain when needed. With an attractive game like this, you should experience side by side with friends and people to get lots of stories and compete cheerfully. Share the game with the people to relax together and create many good memories in life.